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Tissue Innovation in Asia Pacific: Focus on Premium and Sustainable

June 2018

To succeed in Asia Pacific, manufacturers can look at the expanding middle- to high-income consumer base, which seeks higher-quality products that provide added comfort and convenience. In addition, safety and sustainability certifications by relevant professional bodies have become important due to rising awareness about product safety standards and environmental protection. This spotlight report examines innovation trends for manufacturers eyeing the vast untapped potential in retail tissue in

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Asia Pacific is the most important regional market

Asia Pacific is currently the world’s largest and fastest-growing market for retail tissue, accounting for close to 40% of global sales in volume terms. The region asa whole has rich potential for growth, as per capita consumption of retail tissue is low in comparison with other regions.

Premiumisation takes hold in the region

Manufacturers are targeting the expanding middle- to high-income segment through high-quality, value-added products with a luxurious feel and other added features. Rising incomes and the desire to trade up to premium goods, as well as the evolving needs and habits of consumers in Asia Pacific, are driving demand for tissue products which are thicker, softer and stronger.

Consumers demand convenience

Products that address the need for convenience and provide savings in time and effort hold a strong competitive advantage for the busy consumer lifestyles of today, especially among consumers in higher income brackets.

Third-party safety certification will be a key purchasing criterion

Manufacturers are racing to obtain local and international third-party safety certificates in response to fears about chemicals and additives in consumer products. Going forward, third-party safety certification will become a key purchasing criterion, and many consumers will be prepared to pay a price premium for the added reassurance that products are safe to use.

Sustainability under the spotlight

Manufacturers in Asia Pacific are capitalising on sustainable pulp sources such as bamboo and straw instead of offering recycled pulp products. Rising environmental awareness will benefit brands that offer eco-friendly products and have strong sustainability credentials.

Key findings
Prospects are bright for Asia Pacific
Ample room for growth in Asia Pacific
Consumers seek a higher quality of life
Demand for thicker, softer and stronger tissue products (1)
Demand for thicker, softer and stronger tissue products (2)
Drumming up excitement for premium launches
Price polarisation benefits both the premium and economy segments
Time-strapped consumers demand convenience
Multifunctional products do more with less
Food-safe paper towels win over consumers
Third-party safety certification is a key purchasing criterion
Sustainability under the spotlight
Fears over bacteria and chemicals hinder sales of recycled tissue
Consumers prefer alternative pulp sources


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