Top 10 Fastest Growing Automotive Retail Industries in the World

January 2019

This mini-briefing provides an introduction to global automotive retail trends, identifies currently leading countries, and draws attention to future growth forecasts. Since the automotive retail sector is cyclical, the briefing will look into the situation in each of the analysed countries and their specific stage of development.

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Global leaders of the future automotive retail industry’s growth

The USA, being a current leader in the field, will have to give up its position to China. Forecasts predict a strong 6.1% CAGR for the Chinese automotive retail market over the period to 2030.

Meanwhile, the USA demonstrates signs of a maturing automotive market, and therefore expects to see slower demand growth over the forecast period.

Emerging economies also demonstrate strong growth potential. Rising income levels combined with currently low car ownership rates indicate large space for expansion of car sales. These countries will increase sales of used vehicles, adding to the revenues of maintenance service providers.


Top 10 growing automotive retail industries, 2017- 2030
Global leaders of the future automotive retail industry’s growth
By 2030 China is expected to lead the automotive retail industry
New Energy Vehicles gain momentum within the Chinese market
Automotive retail market in USA is maturing and slowing down
Expanding middle class to boost car ownership in Indonesia
Growing economies uphold demand for cars in India and Mexico
Trending used cars’ sales lead to car fleet ageing in Poland
Political and social changes influence automobile demand in:
Economic recovery provides hope for automotive retail in:


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