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Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2019

March 2019

Emerging Forces Shaping Consumer Behaviour: In this report Euromonitor International reviews emerging fast-moving trends we expect to gain traction in the year ahead, providing insight into changing consumer values and priorities, and exploring how consumer behaviour is shifting and causing disruption for business globally. Further detail can be found in Euromonitor’s white paper ‘Top 10 global consumer trends for 2019.

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Key Findings

Age Agnostic

Consumers no longer hold with conforming to demographic expectations – everyone connects. Baby boomers have much more in common with the values and priorities of millennials and younger generations than many realise, and it is this inclusive mindset that needs to be better understood and catered for in the future.

Back to Basics for Status

Consumers are searching for authentic, differentiated products and experiences that allow them to express their individuality. Consumers in developed economies are re-evaluating their spending habits, moving away from overt materialism to simplicity, authenticity and individuality. As emerging economies develop further, the same pattern is likely to emerge.

Conscious Consumer

Conscious consumers are flexible and choose for the moment. What used to be the domain of ethically-positioned niche producers is now being embraced by conventional companies through higher welfare alternatives to existing products. These consumers are influential, and the trend will spread to others.

Digitally Together

High-speed internet, particularly the acceleration of mobile internet, is driving live interactive experiences online and facilitating collaboration on large files instantly. From dating to education, we have grown to expect more authentic, life-like interactions online. As our technological capabilities and comfort in using them grow, so will the range of things we can do Digitally Together.

Everyone’s an Expert

This embodies the switch in power between retailer and consumer. Previously, shoppers relied on a certain brand or information source to get what they wanted; now, companies must constantly innovate, drive prices down and streamline and aestheticise their offerings to entice consumers.

Key findings
Key findings cont’d
Age Agnostic: narrowing generation gaps giving rise to ageless living
Age Agnostic: what it means for business
CoverGirl (US): taking an age agnostic approach in the beauty world
Back to basics for status: less is more valuable
Back to basics for status: w hat it means for business
Italic (US): luxury goods without the branding at a fraction of the cost
Conscious consumer: sensitivity to animal welfare and climate change
Conscious consumer: what it means for business
Bond Pet Foods (US): we want our pets to consume more ethically
Digitally together: authentic experiences together, but apart
Digitally together: what it means for business
Peloton (US): generating excitement in live exercise community online
Everyone’s an expert: knowing more, less reliant on the message
Everyone’s an expert: what it means for business
Sephora: Beauty Insider Community (France)
Finding your mojo from JOMO
Finding my JOMO: what it means for business
COOKiamo (Italy): learning in the moment
Consumers taking control of their own health and wellbeing
I can look after myself: what it means for business
The Marshmallowist (UK): CBD-infused marshmallows as snacks
Consumer desire for a plastic-waste free world will build in 2019
I want a plastic-free world: what it means for business
Corona Extra (Mexico): plant-based six-pack rings
I want it now! consumers seeking frictionless experience to organise life
I want it now!: what it means for business
Samsung’s family hub (global): centre of the smart home?
People across the world are bucking the stigma of living alone
Loner living: what it means for business
M-Bar: Mini-KTV (China) - enjoying singing solo without shame
Key takeaways
Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2019


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