Top 5 Cities for Airport Passenger Growth 2012-2017

July 2018

Growth in air passenger traffic is a signal of economic expansion, rising tourism flows and evolving consumer lifestyles. In this report, Euromonitor International analyses the world’s top five cities with fastest air passenger growth over 2012-2017: Zhuhai, Da Nang, Shanghai, Chiang Mai and Istanbul. This list reflects underlying trends of changing travel patterns, the appetite for leisure from the rising Chinese middle class, and the cities’ own strategies for boosting visitor numbers.

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Airports in Asia Pacific cities dominate growth

Four of the five cities with the strongest airport passenger growth highlighted in this report are located in the Asia Pacific Region: Zhuhai and Shanghai (China), Da Nang (Vietnam), and Chiang Mai (Thailand). The exception is Istanbul (Turkey), which completes the list of cities with fastest-growing airport passengers over 2012- 2017.

Airport activity tends to be positively linked to economic growth both in cities

This is because economic expansion drives increasing spending on leisure air travel (due to rising household disposable incomes), business trips (due to higher trade and business activity), and tourism inflows (due to general improvements to infrastructure and tourism promotion in fast-growing economies).

Zhuhai: growth of airport passenger volume is the highest in the world

Over 2012-2017 total passenger volume in the airport of Zhuhai (China) more than doubled. This was mainly the consequence of Zhuhai’s positioning as a travel hub for visitors to Macau, which has allowed the city to benefit from considerable amounts of leisure tourism.

Airports in Asia Pacific cities dominate growth
Zhuhai: growth of airport passenger volume is the highest in the world
Zhuhai: catering to the growing number of visitors to Macau
Da Nang: capitalising on Vietnam’s thriving aviation sector
Da Nang: an attractive tourist destination in fast-growing Vietnam
Shanghai: city’s economic growth backs air passenger flows
Shanghai: dynamic economy drives passenger flows
Chiang Mai: Chinese tourists are driving air passenger traffic
Chiang Mai: strong tourism offerings draw in a rising number of visitors
Istanbul: role as a connection hub drives air passenger traffic
Istanbul: Set to consolidate its position as a major airline hub


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