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Top 5 Markets With the Largest Foreign Populations

November 2018

Migration continues to occur intensively, making the global consumer market more diversified and interconnected. In some countries, foreign citizens have become an integral part of the labour force and driver of population and consumer market growth. As the foreign populations are becoming more affluent, brands need to establish real connections with multicultural audiences in order to remain relevant in the future.

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Migration as a key population trend

Migration continues to be on the rise globally, as more people seek economic opportunities, education and a better living environment beyond their country borders or decide to leave their countries due to war, political turmoil, or persecution. It is a key population trend which drives the global consumer market to become increasingly globalised and interconnected.

The migration trend is highly uneven across countries, with developed markets remaining the major recipients of immigrants. However, south-south migration, ie the migration flows between developing countries, is rising fast. As income differentials between developing countries are relatively modest, proximity and networks are often the major determinants of south-south migration.


Migration as a key population trend
Migration creates both challenges and opportunities
USA: still the world’s top immigration destination
Honda: reaching diverse Millennial buyers in the USA
Saudi Arabia: market segmentation among foreign workers
Germany: migrants are an important part of economy and market
KT Bank: first Islamic bank in Germany
United Arab Emirates: foreigners heavily outnumber nationals
Côte d'Ivoire: south-south immigration
Why and how business should target migrant consumers


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