Top Consumer Trends Impacting Health and Nutrition (Part 2)

November 2019

Euromonitor’s Health and Nutrition Survey provides insight on consumers’ health behaviour and perceptions in a variety of industries, including consumer health, health and wellness, packaged food and nutrition.

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Understanding consumers’ health-related behaviours and choices

Healthy living and behaviours towards health are consistently changing year-on-year. As new trends emerge and further information about various ailments and illnesses is shared via more channels than ever before, it is important for companies and brands to understand consumer perceptions and habits when it comes to their health.

Euromonitor International’s Survey team therefore developed and launched the Health and Nutrition Survey. This survey was fielded online in February 2019, with over 20,000 respondents across 20 core markets around the world, to provide consumer insight into everyday and long-term health behaviours and attitudes.

Working closely with in-house industry experts and analysts, alongside key players within the industry, to develop the Health and Nutrition Survey, it covers a wide array of topics and key trends within areas such as packaged food, consumer health and nutrition.


Understanding consumers’ health-related behaviours and choices
Keeping up with changing health trends and perceptions

Vitamins and Supplements Driving Beauty Innovation

Beauty and appearance as indicators of health
Consumers’ perspective of health
Consumers’ perspective of beauty
A holistic approach to beauty and appearance
Relying on traditional and alternative information sources

Seeking Natural Ingredients for Children’s Nutrition

Emphasis on healthy eating for children
Food safety and status
Ingredient preferences for children’s food and drink
Healthy ingredients and competitive pricing

Convenience of Health-Related Technology

Health-related technology saves time and effort
Nice to have, rather than necessary
Consumers’ usage of health devices and apps

Making Time for Sleep

Consumers are feeling overwhelmed
Consumers’ perceptions of sleep
Seeking more sleep to feel your best
Consumers struggle to get restful sleep
Fitting sleep solutions into wider lifestyle behaviour

Research Overview

Health and Nutrition Survey offers valuable insight across topics
Who we surveyed and what we asked
Annual data covering health habits and 15+ illnesses
Annual data covering health habits and 15+ illnesses
Data visualised through online dashboards
Range of research applications
Information about Euromonitor’s syndicated survey methodology
Health and Nutrition Survey: FAQs


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