Top Countries to Drive Medical Device Manufacturing

February 2018

The briefing provides a short overview of countries that are expected to lead medical equipment manufacturing growth over 2017-2025. This report explores the reasons behind the countries’ success in faster-than-average medical equipment production growth, and looks ahead to its future development. The geographical scope includes China, Ireland, the USA, Germany, Japan, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, Singapore, and Italy.

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Medical Devices Market will reach USD370 billion In 2025

Strong demand, positive legislative and technical environment along with solid R&D spending and investments into innovation and technical know how will be the main drivers of exceptional growth.

China: strong healthcare sector drives growth

China’s medical and surgical equipment producers a reset for a solid performance in upcoming years, driven mainly by domestic consumption in line with China’s overall healthcare industry expansion, especially within the private sector.

FDI drives Ireland growth

Ireland will continue to have among the fastest growing medical and surgical equipment industries, as global players choose the country for their manufacturing base.

US producers are heading for growth, Despite uncertainty

While the uncertainty surrounding the fate of Affordable Care Act (ACA) (and medical device tax accompanying the policy), possibility of stringent regulation and pricing pressures, remains a concern, the USA’s medical and surgical equipment producers turnover is expected to rise at a CAGR of 3% over 2017-2025 period.

Germany: to remain most largest European exporter

German medical device manufacturers are being somewhat slowed down by modest export growth to Western Europe as the main trade destinations are expected to continue cost containment measures in their healthcare spending.Nevertheless, Germany is expected to remain the largest European medical device exporter, with strong export growth to the USA ( Germany’s number one trade partner)

Japan’s producers are set to focus on elderly care

Japan’s medical device manufacturers’ turnover is set to increase at a steady pace in the upcoming years, as the rising number of patients in need of the healthcare service calls for greater hospital infrastructure investments in the long run.

Israel: a rapidly growing med-tech innovation hub

Israel is becoming one of the fastest-growing medical device production hubs in the world. The industry will continue its robust development over2017-2015 thanks to firms’ focus on innovative solutions aimed at solving challenges currently faced by medical device producers: the ageing society, and the need to curb healthcare costs.

Top 10 countries to lead Medical device manufacturing

Top countries expected to lead medical device manufacturing
China: growth will be driven by strong demand from healthcare sector
Industry booms, as Ireland continuously leads FDI into the industry
Despite uncertainty US producers are heading for growth
Germany: to remain most largest European exporter
Japan’s producers are set to focus on elderly care
Israel: a rapidly growing med-tech innovation hub
Mexico: gaining from expanding healthcare sector in Latin America
Switzerland: home to some of the most notable med-tech start-ups
Singapore: harvesting opportunities from surging demand in Asia
Italy: aiming to succeed by investing into innovation


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