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Top Five Digital Consumer Trends in 2019

March 2019

Technological advances over the course of this year will continue to influence how consumers browse and buy inside and outside a merchant environment. Leveraging Passport Digital Consumer data and analysis, this report explores the top five digital trends that are expected to redefine commerce the most in 2019.

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Key Findings

Age Agnostic

Consumers no longer hold with conforming to demographic expectations – everyone connects. Baby boomers have much more in common with the values and priorities of millennials and younger generations than many realise, and it is this inclusive mindset that needs to be better understood and catered for in the future.

Back to Basics for Status

Consumers are searching for authentic, differentiated products and experiences that allow them to express their individuality. Consumers in developed economies are re-evaluating their spending habits, moving away from overt materialism to simplicity, authenticity and individuality. As emerging economies develop further, the same pattern is likely to emerge.

Conscious Consumer

Conscious consumers are flexible and choose for the moment. What used to be the domain of ethically-positioned niche producers is now being embraced by conventional companies through higher welfare alternatives to existing products. These consumers are influential, and the trend will spread to others.

Digitally Together

High-speed internet, particularly the acceleration of mobile internet, is driving live interactive experiences online and facilitating collaboration on large files instantly. From dating to education, we have grown to expect more authentic, life-like interactions online. As our technological capabilities and comfort in using them grow, so will the range of things we can do Digitally Together.

Everyone’s an Expert

This embodies the switch in power between retailer and consumer. Previously, shoppers relied on a certain brand or information source to get what they wanted; now, companies must constantly innovate, drive prices down and streamline and aestheticise their offerings to entice consumers.

Scope of the Digital Consumer
Key findings
The internet has been one of the most transformative innovations
2019 will mark the first time that half of the population is connected
Technology has inspired eight of the megatrends shaping the world
Four ways technology is reshaping commerce in the connected era
Internet connectivity increasingly used for a variety of activities
The five digital trends that will redefine commerce the most in 2019
How the arrival of the mobile phone transformed consumer life
Having world at one’s fingertips has not been without challenges
Stress arising from internet is higher in emerging markets
Privacy concerns lead consumers to re-evaluate digital relationships
Digital detox evolves from all-or-nothing to measured approach
Apple debuts tools to limit screen time with latest system update
Facebook is enabling users to actively manage social addiction
Mandarin Oriental Spa offers guests a digital wellness escape
Digital dieters crave Wi-Fi even at off-the-grid wellness resorts
The long-term implications of consumers seeking digital balance
Neither Amazon nor Alibaba invented unattended commerce
Hybrid locations pave the way for full unattended commerce
JD.com one of the first to offer unattended retail solutions
Unattended commerce paves way for automated foodservice
Alibaba’s Flyzoo incorporates robots, facial recognition in a hotel
Sainsbury’s pilots cashier-less scan and go stores
Retrofitting options emerge, reducing unattended commerce costs
Opportunities that going autonomous offers commerce players
High-impact trend for markets with high wages, ageing populations
Challenges remain: privacy and security fears, infrastructure costs
Maintaining a high-quality consumer experience remains critical
Predictions for how unattended commerce will develop in 2019
Voice devices move from fad to functional
The development of voice assistants predated boom of speakers
Voice-enabled hardware extends beyond popular speakers
Voice assistants proliferate, gain local profile in Asia Pacific
Industry professionals are more confident about long-term prospects
Voice opportunities in 2019 likely to be pre- and post-purchase tasks
Petco uses PetCoach for content commerce
The US auto sector provides an early voice commerce success
Ticketmaster partners with Bixby to boost entertainment sales
Voice-enabled purchases are likely to be more long-term goal
Best practices for voice developers and device manufacturers
Risks: privacy, intrusiveness, winner takes all
Implications and outlook for voice commerce in 2019
Improving the consumer journey is the top concern for business leaders
Evolution of shopper journey puts more emphasis on experience
Shifting consumer values emphasise experiential consumption
Commerce is in the middle of a head-to-toe technology makeover
The Container Store: infusing the human-led experience with digital
Alza.cz’s stores of the future use tech to keep doors always open
Technology plays a pivotal role in crafting personalised experiences
AI expected to lead to improved customer engagement
Dish’s platform for hotels enables personalised entertainment
Amazon introduces familiar voice into Marriott guestrooms
Shoppers can opt in for better customer service through Facenote
Companies must build CX around a single view of a consumer
Predictions for how the experience will evolve in 2019 and beyond
Super apps often touch on five main aspects of a consumer’s world
WeChat emerges as poster child for the super app revolution
Super apps take root in one of two areas due to frequency of use
Line messaging app now offers content, payments and services
KakaoTalk’s ventures into other services is boosting revenues
Indonesia’s super app Go- Jek expands into rest of Southeast Asia
Grab also aspires to become the super app of Southeast Asia
Now the super app concept is being replicated outside Asia
Facebook announces plans to combine three messaging apps
Careem continues to expand beyond core offering, core markets
Implications of the super app revolution on commerce players
A digital presence is viewed as an important part of the value proposition
How we can expect these tech trends to change commerce in 2019


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