Top Five Mobility and Automotive Trends in 2021

January 2021

2021 will be a big year in the mobility and automotive industries after a challenging 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the key trends predicted in 2021 include the growing electrification of vehicles; the adoption of micro-mobility such as electric scooters and bicycles; the increasing consumer movement towards online car purchases; the growth of connected car technologies and the surging investment in augmented and virtual reality.

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Electric vehicle sales to boom

In 2021, electric car purchases will continue surging, recording 46% growth across the world’s major consumer markets fuelled by rising consumer awareness of climate change, expansion of affordable electric vehicle options and increasing curbs on the use of internal combustion engine cars. China will be the major electric car growth market, recording 77% year-on-year growth in 2021. 

Micro-mobility will become more important in commuting

In 2021, micro-mobility modes such as electric scooters and electric bicycles (as well as their respective sharing systems) will become more pervasive and popular as modes of transportation. This will come as certain consumers will reduce or completely discontinue public transport or other enclosed mobility in favour of open-air solo mobility. 

Online car sales to provide additional revenue source

In 2021, automotive makers will increasingly adopt online sales channels. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the move to online and this is likely to become a permanent change in 2021 as restrictions on face-to-face contact are likely to continue.

Connected cars to benefit from 5G rollout

In 2021, connected car technologies will become even more popular as the demand for data-driven decision making will surge. The increasing number of countries rolling out 5G internet will aid in faster and more sizeable transmission of data, providing users with telematics, infotainment and other personalised applications and features.

VR and AR to improve business processes and greater consumer experience

  In 2021, virtual and augmented reality will increasingly become utilised by car manufacturers and dealers across various business functions including design, testing and selling. VR showrooms will become popular, providing customers with more immersive experiences at a relatively small cost to dealerships.

Sustainability push will drive record electric vehicle sales in 2021
Key market players in the electric vehicles industry
Micro-mobility will gain edge over other forms of travel in 2021
Key market players in the micro-mobility industry
Online car sales to make accelerate in 2021
Key market players in the online car sales market
Connected car technologies to surge amid 5G rollout in 2021
Key market players in the connected car industry
VR and AR to revolutionise vehicle production and selling
Key market players in the VR and AR industry
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