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Understanding Consumers’ Behaviour-Led Habits in Health and Nutrition

February 2020

Understanding consumer choices and lifestyles through behavioural segmentations can provider deeper analysis and understanding on how to target specific types of consumers. Unlike demographic segmentations, which often provide skewed data, behavioural segmentations focus on particular groups of consumers (e.g. Vegans, diabetics, fitness-enthusiasts, etc.)

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Key Findings

Understanding consumer behaviour is vital for brands and companies to create successful innovation pipelines, sales and marketing strategies as well as growth plans. Many companies and brands continue to focus on demographic segmentations such as age, gender and income, when looking at consumer data. However, this often gives a skewed view of how consumers are behaving.Therefore, Euromonitor has created unique behaviour-led segmentations, which focus on consumer’s actions and current situations allowing us to understand how this affects further areas of life. These behaviour-led segmentations allow companies and brands to have an in-depth understanding of how specific consumers make everyday and long-term decisions as well as how to successfully target them.


What are behavioural segmentations?

Do Dietary Restrictions Affect Exercise Habits and Sports Nutrition Consumption?

Consumers seeking high-protein diets
Consumers seeking Vegan diets
Consumers seeking low-sugar diets

How Does Stress Impact Sleep and Overall Health?

Typical sleep habits across stress levels
Stress and its relationship with wider health concerns

What are the Values and Preferences of Consumers who Regularly Exercise?

Usage of health technology by Exercisers
Who are “Exercisers”?

Are Diabetic Consumers Seeking New Treatment Solutions?

Continuous increase of health risks such as diabetes
Treatment satisfaction and information sources
Resonating with diabetic consumers

How do Herbal-seeking Consumers Differ from Those who Prefer Pharmaceuticals?

How do Herbal-seeking consumers view health?
Perspectives and behaviour regarding medical care
Approaches to treatment and prevention

Research Overview

Overview of Health and Nutrition Survey
Euromonitor’s behavioural Health and Nutrition Survey segments


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