Understanding Millennials as Parents

September 2018

Millennial parents are changing the way they raise their children compared with previous generations. These changes, whether they are career-driven, health-conscious or equality-focused, are affecting how they spend their money and make purchasing decisions, as well as affecting the opinions and environment in which future generations grow up.

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Changing family structure

As the "traditional" household changes and gender roles are moving away from stereotypical expectations, millennial parents are transforming the dynamic of their homes.

Democratic households

Decisions are no longer made by the head of the household; instead, millennial parents value teamwork and democratic decision-making. Parents and children have equal influence on their daily habits and longer-term lifestyle.

Spending time together

Millennial parents want it all, and highly value time spent with their family, alongside their personal happiness and career development.

Thrifty tendencies

Millennials have faced tough times, from getting jobs to increasing living costs, and remain thrifty. Using apps and online services to access resale sites, rent their homes and share everything from utensils to appliances, millennial parents try to save and make money where they can.

Saving money without compromise

Although millennial parents continue to save money where they can, they are willing to spend on quality items and enjoy treating themselves, whether this includes a delicious meal or a holiday.

Searching for guidance

Millennial parents are constantly looking for guidance and advice from various sources, whether this is friends, family, bloggers or brands. They are open to different parenting styles and want the best for their children, building relationships with whoever can help them through a variety of online and in-person platforms.

Looking for the truth

Safety scares, welfare concerns and eco-conscious opinions continue to grow. With more information available about products than ever before, millennial parents look for transparency on how products are created and what they contain. 


Key findings
Who are millennials?
What do millennial parents value?
Transforming parenting

The Changing Family Structure

In no rush to start a family
The traditional family structure is changing
Working as a team
John Lewis: Clothing without labels
Roominate: All toys for all genders
Men as home-makers
Mattel Inc: Going against preconceptions

Family Priorities

Spending more time together
Taking time for themselves
Flexible working
Financial priorities
Mercari: actively seeking second-hand items

Changes in Spending

Sharing rather than buying
Airbnb: thrifty experiences
Vigga: environment and wallet-friendly
One-stop shopping
Amazon: downfall of the high street
Seeking unique in-store shopping experiences
H&M: Exclusivity sells
Seeking transparency
Happy Family: getting as much information as possible

Online Community and Collaboration

Looking for guidance
Johnson’s Baby: providing more than just a product
Cautious internet behaviour
Procter & Gamble: influenced by influencers
Going on an Adventure: everyone can share their experience

Key Takeaways

The best ways to target millennial parents

Research Overview

Lifestyles Survey methodology and coverage


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