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Understanding Weight Management in 2011 and Beyond

October 2011

The obesity epidemic is placing a financial burden on governments, employers, health practitioners and individuals. As unhealthy foods and beverages increase sales, people find it harder to fight cravings and control their weight. Finding a cure to obesity is not simple. While pharmaceutical companies rush to develop new diet drugs, weight management products face increased regulation. Selling the hope of weight loss will see new sales opportunities beyond traditional drugs and supplements.

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Key findings

Influences and Approaches in Weight Management

The forces behind the obesity crisis
Key regional findings influencing weight management
Forecasting growth in obesity rate 2010-2020
Socioeconomic roots of obesity
Obesity and death
Treating obesity and its consequences is costly
Financial and physical burdens of obesity
Gaining weight goes beyond indulgent foods and drinks
Fast food vs weight management annual expenditure
Common approaches to weight management
Example of price comparison of weight management options

Weight Management Global Overview

An overview of weight management results 2009-2010
Meal replacement and supplements dominate weight management
North America represents one third of weight management sales
Meal replacement slimming products
Slimming teas
Weight loss supplements
Other slimming products

Case Studies

alli ( o rlistat ): T he promises and challenges of OTC obesity
North America and Western Europe dominate OTC obesity sales
The growth of OTC obesity around the world
The challenges leading to alli's divestiture
Weight Watchers International Inc: Nurturing a weight loss goal
Key company facts
Encouraging weight loss
SWOT: Weight Watchers International Inc
The creation of a healthcare solution to lead future growth

Innovation Trends

Innovation is key in the search for an obesity solution
Novel ingredients in the race to promote satiety
New products in weight management 2010-2011
In search of a "magic" obesity drug…
…that can bring potential financial rewards to the winner

Reaching Consumers

Non-store retailing achieves gains in 2010
Impact of non-traditional channels
Innovative ways to promote weight management products
Communicating weight management options to consumers
Engaging consumers to lose weight
Technology helps spread the word on weight management

Rounding Up the Future

Dark clouds loom on the horizon
Predicting the performance of weight management
Asia-Pacific to overtake North America in retail sales
A final note about the future in weight management

Report Definitions

Data parameters and report definitions
Weight management definitions


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