Update on Our Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2017: Personalise It

September 2017

This report is an update on how the Personalise It trend, identified in Euromonitor’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2017, is progressing. It examines how more brands are incorporating personalised aspects into their products just as new data gathering techniques can give product awareness campaigns a better fit with shopper interests.

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Incorporating personalisation into your product or service drives loyality

Personalisation in FMCG as well as luxury items, will endear your brand to consumers and even encourage elusive consumer loyalty. At a time when a more considered shopping style is in fashion, ‘things unique’ and the ‘shopping experience’ all count for consumers.

Subscriptions retain clients for longer

The sustained consumer interest in subscription services can be seen as evidence of the greater interest in a more personalised purchasing style as it meets diverse consumer needs such as an appreciation of healthier living, convenience and novelty. The personalised approach of subscription services also complements the shift towards prioritised spending.

Tech advances allow Mass-tigue

Tech developments in manufacturing and distribution are enabling producers of mass-produced goods to incorporate personalised elements into what they sell to increase consumer appeal, at a time when consumption with a more individualistic style is celebrated.

Key takeaways for brands

The whole sphere of ‘inbound marketing’ built to appeal to onliners with information that is interesting and relevant to them, and facilitated by technical advances, is based on a more personalised form of outreach that focuses on consumers rather than product sales. The knowledge gleaned from consumer tastes and already reflected in website navigation design can be harnessed by brands to help them tailor what they are promoting to current and future clients, enticing the ‘right consumer’ with the ‘right content’ that engages them, and so is more likely to turn visitors into customers.

Products that fit you
Case study: L’Oréal’s innovations hub hearts personalisation
Personalisation driving L’Oréal’s innovations
And products that learn about you
Case study : Personalising travel
Personalised touches add meaning for tourists
Subscription services: Curated by you
Case study : A subscription service offering handpicked apparel
Clothing subscription services flourishing
Key takeaways for brands


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