Update on our Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2018: It’s in the DNA – I’m so Special

July 2018

At the beginning of the year, Euromonitor International revealed its Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2018 and identified “It’s in the DNA – I’m so special” as one of the ones to watch. This update reviews the traction of the trend six months later.

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Challenging full disclosure

Growing consumer concerns about privacy, and emerging understanding of the commercial value of personal data on the internet and the way it can be breached may be putting a brake on growth in the “It’s in the DNA –I’m so special” trend. Our view is that this concern is short term, provided security can be tightened, as the collective value of the DNA data information pool is so powerful to users.


Most growth is in personalisation of products and services, particularly in the beauty and personal care market. Operators are offering DNA and AI tech as a personalisation tool to improve and simplify the user experience.

Meal plans

Operators are developing meal plans to suit body types and genetic make-up. In Japan, for example, Radishbo-ya home delivers custom-built meal solutions, building on the home delivery trend.

New applications

As the “It’s in the DNA –I’m so special” trend becomes more established, new directions are emerging and, in some cases, into new species. Operators are moving into the lucrative pet care arena and are echoing the same concerns around fitness and nutrition as for their owners.


Key findings

Mounting Scepticism

Questioning full disclosure: the importance of security

Personal Care and Personalisation

Personal care and personalisation

Customised Meal Plans

Radishbo-ya : customising meals to consumers’ genetic make-up

Pet DNA Testing

Orivet : providing DNA testing and personalised life plans for your pet


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