Update on Premium Organic Products in Feminine Care

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Apr 2018

Although growth in the disposable sanitary protection market is slowing, the share of organic/natural offerings is increasing. This report analyses the trends driving growth in this sector of the market, including increased health concerns, and the movement towards sustainable lifestyles. The report also outlines the key benefits of these products, as well as the barriers to usage and their impact on traditional disposables.

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Update on Premium Organic Products in Feminine Care

Increased interest inorganic alternatives

Several trends have contributed to the increased consumer interest innatural/organic sanitary protection products. As consumers become more aware ofpotentially harmful chemicals – both to their bodies and the environment, theysearch for non-toxic and more sustainable alternatives. As conversations aroundmenstruation become less taboo and more common, consumers have becomeincreasingly aware of these options.

Growth driven andperpetuated by socialmedia

Social media has helped drive the conversation and awareness of small premiumorganic brands. These smaller brands also are able to leverage social media andcompany blogs to educate consumers about product usage, eliminating the fear oftrying a new product and fitting their brand into a certain lifestyle.

Though there arebenefits, many barriersexist that limit productadoption

The benefits that drive consumers to purchase premium organic products typicallyrevolve around the health and sustainability aspects. However, cost is a majorbarrier, as organic products come at a higher unit price on average, which adds upover time.

Pricing differentials willcontinue to be achallenge

The higher price point is a significant limitation for further growth in thenatural/organic sector, especially in developing markets where many consumersare not even able to afford the cheaper traditional disposable products.

Though growing, themarket is niche, with alimited consumer base

Premium organic sanitary protection products have grown at a rate outpacing therest of the market, which is seeing growth decline. However, this is still a verysmall sector of the feminine care market. These products are nowhere near themarket share of the major players, though they are likely to continue chipping awayat these players’ shares, as many women continue to make the shift tonatural/organic.

Update ON Premium Organic Products in Feminine Care

Key findings
Growth in disposable sanitary protection slows
Increase in share of organic/100% natural
Trends contributing to the rise of organic products
Social media and expansion of organic stores driving growth
Health and safety concerns lead consumers to organic alternatives
New brands on the block
Subscription services as an opportunity in feminine hygiene sales…
…allowing smaller, niche brands to build a consumer base online
Premium organic/natural products limited to developed markets
Premium organic brands: purchase drivers and barriers
Pricing differences remain a barrier
What does this mean for the feminine care industry?
Data parameters and report definitions