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Country Report

PEST Analysis: The USA

Jul 2022

With one of the best business environments globally, the country exhibits significant economic freedom. However, fiscal health is very weak, owing to excessive state spending. Economic recovery will be driven by consumption and massive infrastructure…

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Country Report

USA: Country Profile

Nov 2020

The US economy is expected to decline sharply in 2020. The fallout related to the economic and social measures in place to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will be disastrous for the US. Both business and consumer confidence have declined…

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Future Demographics

The USA in 2040: The Future Demographic

Sep 2020

Though being impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, net migration is expected to remain positive and will drive population growth in the USA in 2019-2040. Ageing will quicken, with 70+ age cohorts growing quickly, affecting consumer trends…

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