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3D Televisions: Here to Stay

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Euromonitor International’s Head of Consumer Electronics Research, Wee Teck Loo, explains the recent  push in 3DTV technology by television manufacturers. LCD Televisions have been rapidly dropping in price over the past years. Faced with declining revenue, television companies have been looking for a way to raise unit prices. With new TVs that have 3D technology or internet browsing capability, manufacturers have done just that. The key phrase, says Loo, is “push by the manufacturers, not pull by the consumers”.

Consumer interest in 3D TVs is high, but there is much confusion surrounding the technology. For instance:

  • Some consumers think that everything they watch on a 3D TV will be broadcast in 3D. This is not the case.
  • 3D glasses are required to watch 3D programs on a 3D TV.

The biggest deterrent, says Loo, is the lack of true 3D content - most studios are releasing old content in 3D.

Most high-end TVs are now 3D enabled, and according to Euromonitor data, by 2014, 1 in 5 digital TVs sold will support 3D. In 2011, 3D technology is expected to gain momentum in North America and Western Europe. In developed markets, demand for low-priced HDTVs will hinder the sales of higher-end TVs. Like most tech products, most consumers will adopt a "wait-and-see" attitude.

Internet-enabled televisions are the next "big thing" for electronics, as the number of internet subscribers is exploding. In fact, sales of internet-enabled TVs are expected to outperform 3D tvs in the forecast period.

Due to the popularity of the Wii game system and the Microsoft Kinect, the next move for television manufacturers may be gesture control to replace remote controls. However, the technology is still experimental.

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