Visa Inc in Consumer Finance

March 2021

Visa is the world’s second largest card network and the leading player in all but one region globally. In order to remain at the forefront of consumer payments, which are increasingly taking place online, Visa is developing solutions to offer secure and simple payment solutions. In doing so it is not afraid to partner with other fintech providers and even its card payment peers. Visa’s main opportunity remains converting cash.

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Euromonitor International's report on Visa Inc delivers a detailed strategic analysis of the company's business, examining its performance in the Consumer Finance market and the global economy. Company and market share data provide a detailed look at the financial position of Visa Inc, while in-depth qualitative analysis will help you understand the brand strategy and growth prospects of Visa Inc.

This report examines:

  • Company share by region and sector
  • Brand portfolio
  • New product developments
  • Marketing and distribution strategies

A detailed SWPT analysis of Visa Inc provides strategic intelligence on:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Category and country opportunities for growth
  • Challenges and threats from current competition and future prospects
  • Global and regional market positions

Research you can trust:

Euromonitor International's company profile reports are written by our Consumer Finance research team, a dedicated group of analysts that knows the industry inside and out. Buy this report to inform your planning, strategy, marketing, sales and competitor intelligence functions.

Scope of the Report


Strategic Evaluation

Key company facts
Financial assessment: Income statement analysis
Financial assessment: Business unit analysis
Increasing security and digital services
Acquisitions and partnerships to increase connectivity
Focus on sustainability and commercial payments
New product developments focused on simplifying payments
Visa merges role of chairman and CEO
SWOT: Visa Inc
Key opportunities and challenges

Competitive Positioning

Global operator landscape
Absence from China threatens global position
International network product breakdown

Market Assessment

Visa well positioned in all growth regions, except Asia Pacific
Personal credit and debit cards will continue to drive Visa
Visa increases market share in all but two regions

Geographic and Category Opportunities

Pandemic accelerates adoption of contactless cards
Commercial payment global opportunity
Improving security and reducing value lost to fraud
Asia Pacific growth opportunities beyond China
Reaching the unbanked in MEA and Latin America

Brand Strategy

Marketing spend falls during the pandemic
Comparative brand investment


Capturing digital payments and increasing financial literacy
Data parameters and report definitions

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