Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in Middle East and Africa

July 2018

Vitamins and dietary supplements is an emerging market in Middle East and Africa, which is driven by growing health awareness, increasing self-medication, expansion of distribution networks, and the entrance of new brands. This region offers several opportunities for vitamins and dietary supplements, as consumers willingly include such products as part of their daily lives.

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Increased accessibility and awareness drives demand

In most markets in this region, the growth of vitamins and dietary supplements is supported by rising health awareness among consumers, who are increasingly focussed on taking better care of themselves. Moreover, with health awareness,the number of chemists/pharmacies in the region is rising, in turn increasing access to vitamins and dietary supplements and thus aiding further growth.

South Africa remains the biggest market

South Africa continues to be the biggest market in the region, with a high share in sales and the long-standing presence of leading brands. Demand in the country is driven by high-income consumers, who buy vitamins and dietary supplements despite the economic conditions in the country.

Preference for vitamins across the region

Within the category, vitamins are the most preferred, and witnessed the highest absolute growth of close to USD115 million across the region in the review period. There are two key reasons for this category’s performance: they benefit from broader accessibility given that they are manufactured and sold by the region’s leading brands; they are perceived as preventing health issues by boosting immunity. The countries with a prevalence of vitamins in 2017 were South Africa,Kenya, Algeria, Nigeria, the UAE and Morocco.

Health and beauty specialist retailers remain the go-to channel

Health and beauty specialist retailers, largely in the form of chemists/pharmacies and drugstores/parapharmacies, represented the preferred channel for purchases of vitamins and dietary supplements across all markets, and accounted for more than half of overall category sales. Greater credibility and recent expansion of outlets influence consumer choice.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Putting Middle East and Africa into context
After an unsteady past, market’s future expected to be stable
Vitamins remain a preferred category in most markets in the region
Concern over poor diet increases consumption on a daily basis
Region’s growth potential defined by vitamins and dietary supplements
Multivitamins & probiotic supplements show high growth potential
Health and beauty specialist retailers remain the most trusted channel
Internet retailing more prevalent through higher internet penetration

Leading Companies and Brands

Consumer preference for known brands leads to high concentration
International players with a focus on vitamins lead the market
Sales of top companies concentrated in key markets
Key brands maintained their dominance over the review period

Forecast Projections

Forecast growth consistently high across the region
Government support across markets expected to sustain growth

Country Snapshots

South Africa: market context
South Africa: competitive and retail landscape
Israel: market context
Israel: competitive and retail landscape
Saudi Arabia: market context
Saudi Arabia: competitive and retail landscape
Kenya: market context
Kenya: competitive and retail landscape
Algeria: market context
Algeria: competitive and retail landscape
Nigeria: market context
Nigeria: competitive and retail landscape
United Arab Emirates: m arket context
United Arab Emirates: competitive and retail landscape
Morocco: market context
Morocco: competitive and retail landscape
Egypt: market context
Egypt: competitive and retail landscape
Tunisia: market context
Tunisia: competitive and retail landscape
Cameroon: market context
Cameroon: competitive and retail landscape


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