Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in Western Europe

October 2020

While interest in preventative health was increasing prior to 2020 in Western Europe, the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this with consumer focus being on immunity in 2020. In light of an economic downturn, value and efficacy are set to gain importance, as are products with energy/focus and mental wellbeing claims. However, competition from functional foods continues to threaten VDS with the potential to erode sales.

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Key findings

Preventative health boosts growth

Preventative health was gaining speed prior to 2020, with European consumers adopting healthier lifestyles and increasing their knowledge about the benefits of supplementation. 2020 sees the exaggeration of this as the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) places the importance of health and immunity for consumers. In light of this, the market saw year-on-year growth of 5.2% in 2020 ahead of 2019 growth of 3.5%.

2020 growth generated from immune categories

Strong-performing products in 2020 largely coincided with their link to immunity, with vitamin C, mineral supplements and echinacea all performing well. Vitamin D also exhibited strong growth in light of the widely-publicised potential link between deficiency in the vitamin and severe COVID-19 cases.

E-commerce is set to accelerate

E-commerce has been growing at rates above 10% year on year for the past five years with the channel seeing acceleration due to home seclusion in much of the region across 2020. This is expected to gain further ground as increasing numbers of consumers realise the convenience of these services, with over half of consumer health companies expecting long-term shift.

Immune health positioned brands set to perform well

According to Euromonitor’s Product Claims and Positioning system, both Solgar and Myprotein are well placed to perform well in the forecast with a high number of online SKUs with immunity claims. The latter are also set to benefit from established e-commerce logistics and affordable price points.

Efficacy and value become important to consumers

As Western Europe becomes economically hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are set to turn to value-driven products with strong perceived efficacy that they are confident will work. Opportunity also exists in energy claims as working from home becomes commonplace, as well as mental wellbeing products as consumers prioritise this after a year of increased social isolation.

Key findings
COVID-19 boosts Western European growth
2020 sees heightened VDS demand
Italy dominates VDS in Europe
However, France lags in trust and importance placed on VDS
Dietary supplements lead in growth
Vitamins see acceleration
Positioning of dietary supplements varies across markets
Immune system dietary supplements add value
Growth generated by Italy and France
Countries with higher COVID-19 impact see stronger VDS growth
VDS remains widely distributed
E-commerce is set to accelerate
VDS remains fragmented in most markets
2020 saves mainstays from further fragmentation
Efficacy-led companies dominate regionally
VDS fosters a dynamic competitive landscape
Solgar and Myprotein to benefit from immune health positioning
Preventative health drives the forecast
Value and efficacy key to future growth
Functional foods compete in gut health and immunity
Immunity, energy and mood claims to gain value
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