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Voice of Industry: Global Omnichannel Investment Priorities

February 2019

Becoming a true omnichannel retailer is necessary in today’s digital environment. Euromonitor International conducted an Industry Insights Survey in July 2018 of 525 retail professionals across 84 countries, to understand what stage retailers are at in their omnichannel strategy and what capabilities they plan to invest in.

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Key Findings

A consistent experience is table stakes

Shoppers expect a consistent shopping experience across all channels. Retailers are responding by making sure that pricing and assortment are consistent across digital and physical channels. Another key aspect is the ability to return products through any channel.

The mobile app will eventually be fully integrated into the store experience

Retailers are adapting to the consumer behavior of using their smartphones in physical stores by including their loyalty programs, notifications on promotions and linking to the customer profile. This allows shoppers to have all of their necessary information in one place to aid in the physical shopping experience.

Multiple delivery options is the future

Shoppers use multiple delivery options to suit their needs, whether it is to collect items at stores or home delivery. Retailers are meeting these expectations by offering multiple ways of collecting products. But the emphasis is on investing for faster delivery.

Personalization is an area of growth

Of all of the omnichannel features discussed in the report, customer recognition for personalization has the lowest rate of currently offering, but is amongst the most popular for planned investment. Retailers will need to balance the shopper’s desire for a personalized experience with their need for privacy.

Customer service is now digital

The most popular form of customer service is email, just edging out call centres. The third most popular medium for customer service is social media. Shoppers want to talk to retailers the same way they communicate in their personal and professional lives and that’s online.  

Industry Insights: Retailing

Retailing Industry Insights snapshot
Omnichannel is a must for all retailers
Key findings
Consistency across channels is key
Best in class: JD.com embraces “Boundaryless Retail” with Walmart
Retailers add app features to improve in-store shopping

Digital Shopping Tools

Best in Class: NTUC FairPrice embraces in-store navigation
Delivery times will only get faster
Best in Class: home depot leverages stores for fulfillment
Retailers struggle with offering personalization
Data is at the heart of personalization
Best in Class: sephora leads the way in personalization
Customer service is now digital
Best in Class: glossier sets new standards for customer service
Summary: most popular features for investment
Summary: where omnichannel is and where it’s headed

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