Voice of the Consumer: Mobility Survey 2022 Key Highlights

June 2022

This visual report highlights the results of Euromonitor International’s 2022 Voice of the Consumer: Mobility survey, including the everyday transportation habits and attitudes of global consumers.

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Key findings

Over 80% of global respondents have gasoline-powered automobiles in their households.  Electric car ownership increased by 3% among global respondents over 2021-2022. The fastest growth in electric vehicle (EV) usage is in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

Electric car owners has increased among middle-income groups in 2022. One of the main reasons given by respondents for not buying an electric car is the high cost. Another clear takeaway from the survey is that charging locations need to be be better developed in urban areas to boost EV sales.

Most weekly commuting respondents use a personal car (83%) or public transportation (37%) for day-to-day commuting. When comparing regional level data, the Middle East and Asia Pacific are the top regions for typical commuting using e-bikes or e-scooters.

Although e-commerce and mobile shopping thrived in 2021, nearly half of car purchasers made their purchases in physical retailers. More than 40% of respondents bought automobiles at a store or in person last year. The numbers decreased somewhat compared to the 2021 survey results. The survey data show that more than half of global respondents intend to purchase a new or used car in 2022.

Nearly 30% of global respondents buy tickets for public transportation online at least monthly, which is similar to the results in 2021, while weekly online purchases increased somewhat. A quarter of respondents expected their spending on transportation to increase in 2022.

Key findings
Gasoline is still the most common automobile fuel across the world
Light electric vehicles are booming
The EV market is growing rapidly
High cost and poor charging infrastructure hold back global EV purchases
Safety concerns remain regarding autonomous cars
Typical mode of commuting
Many people are still commuting on a daily basis
One third of voice assistant users uses GPS system at least daily
A quarter of respondents expect transport prices to increase
More than half of respondents intend to buy a car in 2022


All vehicles captured by Euromonitor's vehicle volume sales data, i.e. light vehicles -passenger cars and light commercial vehicles combined. Medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses are not covered.

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