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Waste Management

Evaluate macro and microeconomic trends, production and waste volume across industries, business environments and market drivers around the world.

Make strategic business decisions

Assess the market potential for new devices and technology and analyse trends influencing the resource management.

Compare market potential across geographies to better understand current demand, opportunities and challenges.

Widen your expert knowledge of target markets

A clearer picture of consumers, businesses and competitors around the world helps you better plan for the future.

Understand the increasing complexities to extract resources, examine waste to energy demands and prospect for repurposed materials.

Develop appropriate goals and challenge assumptions

Support corporate planning by evaluating demand by market and region.

Our research provides a look into waste management across industries, helping you set goals by region and use demand forecasts to test assumptions.

Inform your tactical and strategic business decisions

In addition to our wide-ranging insights into the global and local big picture, we can also conduct custom research projects exclusively for you.

Euromonitor Consulting helps you find the right distribution or supply partner in a new market, understand production or innovation trends in a specific product or service and track closely the operations of competitors or target customers.



Using our research on business dynamics, cities, industrial, finance and trade


With our data on lifestyles, income and expenditure, households and population


Through our analysis and statistics on automotive, consumer appliances, consumer electronics, consumer foodservice, packaging, retailing and travel

solutions for the WASTE MANAGEMENT industry 

Our research helps redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities by leveraging a unique range of socioeconomic and demographic indicators. 

We help your organisation develop a complete view of the industry landscape, major and emerging competition and the economic and consumer influences driving change. 

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