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Wellness Redefined: Fostering Wellbeing Through Digitalisation and Technology

February 2021

In the context of a mass migration to digital, the need to support wellness routines through technology is being reinforced. From preventative health and personalised nutrition to emotional support and virtual replication of out-of-home activities, the scope for integrating digitalisation in business strategies has widened. Balancing what is commercially viable and scalable with disparities in the consumer base, as well as preserving the “human” element, will be a key prerequisite.

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Key Findings

Tangible, accessible and relevant propositions

Support the concept of the home as a wellness hub, including remote health access and management, fitness, at-home rituals and an increasing need to mimic out-of-home experiences.

Consider reaching a more diverse pool of digital consumers and address the needs of underserved and more vulnerable communities by diversifying the range of technologies and support tactics.

Meet the most pressing needs and priorities, with solution-oriented messaging, for easily scalable personalised products and services.

Maximise prospects through a wider lens

Leverage opportunities for new digital selling models beyond e-commerce and ensure a physical/online balance to optimise the consumer purchasing journey.

Utilise technology which addresses new priorities around supply chain transparency and safety.

 Adopt a digital-first culture to provide real-time support for wellness needs, inclusive of financial wellbeing and an intimate blend of “human” and “technology”.

Humanise digitally-enabled solutions

Put human connections and communication at the heart of digitalisation endeavours, and integrate community-focused features that cultivate one-to-one interactions and replicate social activities.

Explore the full sensory spectrum, including stimulation of the tactile and olfactory senses.

Factor in emotional need states, in addition to physical health data monitoring and digital wellness in the face of overexposure to technology.


Investment in digitalisation intrinsic to pursuit of health and happiness
Scope for supporting new and evolving needs through tech widens

Economies and Consumers

Rising access to technology offers great potential to enhance wellbeing
Wellness-related technology becomes mainstream among consumers
Digital transformation is now top of businesses’ agenda
Economies and consumers: Outlook and business recommendations
Singapore: promoting wellness in the digital age

Health, Beauty and Fashion

Digital a protagonist to promote the home as a wellness hub
Digital key to broaden health from product to holistic wellness solution
All-embracing personalisation pinnacle of self-care unviable without tech
Health, beauty and fashion: Outlook and business recommendations
Enabler: partnership with TextileGenesis for fibre-to-retail traceability
Disruptor: Sequential Skin leverages genetics and microbiome insights

Drinks and Tobacco

Drinks and tobacco: balancing digitalisation and detox
Drinks and tobacco: consumer perspective
Drinks and tobacco: business perspective
Drinks and tobacco: Outlook and business recommendations
Enabler: #EngageResponsibly by Pernod Ricard
Disruptor: Eva by Alta Flora

Food and Nutrition

Tech-driven solutions for personalised nutrition are in high demand
E-commerce adoption accelerates rapidly in the food industry
Food and nutrition: Outlook and business recommendations
Enabler: Erbology’s personalised healthy snacks
Disruptor: AeBeZe Labs pioneers the concept of “nourishing digital diets”

Home and Technology

Home and technology: wearables and tech bring wellness indoors
Consumers seek to enhance wellbeing through sensation-based activities
Lack of infrastructure and vision pose challenges to tech adoption
Home and technology: Outlook and business recommendations
Enabler: Mattel emphasises the importance of wellness with Headspace
Disruptor: Healium targets anxiety through AR and VR wearables

Services and Payments

Consumers demand payment options that address core concerns
Businesses ride the e-commerce wave to keep pace with evolving needs
Services and Payments: Outlook and business recommendations
Enabler: PayPal introduces Pay in 4 program
Disruptor: Chipotle Mexican Grill launches first “digital kitchen”


Wellness through digitalisation and technology in 2030
Key recommendations for business


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