What’s Hot in Bakery: Global Industry Developments and Product Trends

November 2012

With retail values rising to US$465 billion in 2012, global bakery still offers good growth potential. Added value innovation focusing on health and convenience is strongly driven by developed markets, as obesity and time pressures mount. However, emerging market consumers are also becoming more willing – and able – to spend more on added value formats, such as high fibre. Meanwhile, volatile input costs, coupled with clean label and other ingredient trends, continue to drive product development

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Objectives of global briefing
Key findings

Health and Wellness

On borrowed time: Obesity trends relative to population size
Daily caloric intake well above guideline levels, and still rising
Overweight, obese populations grow quickly in emerging markets
Timeline of voluntary and state-led actions to control obesity crisis
Contrasting US and Mexican markets despite similar health profile
Diabetic bakery market should grow as obesity rates rise
Gluten-free bakery on the rise in North America, Western Europe
Naturally healthy high fibre bakery maintains global popularity
Multi-grain, seeds and whole-wheat add value in packaged bread
Health and tradition underpin growth for hot cereals in Asia Pacific


Convenient on-the-go consumption drives Western breakfast sales
Breakfast cereals also enhance convenience as key selling point
Convenience continues to drive Latin American breakfast cereals
Breakfast cereals take many forms in dynamic Mexican market
Convenience, health also support Latin American bread substitutes
Premium convenient indulgence: Single-serve cakes and muffins

Indulgence and Treats

Maximising indulgence and health: Driving trends in biscuits
Healthier indulgence: Biscuit and confectionery cross-overs
Let them eat cupcakes: Single-portion cakes grow in appeal
US acts as international trend-setter for cake flavours
Proust’s madeleine and the continued rise of in-store bakeries
In-store bakeries strike balance between indulgence, convenience

Clean Label and Other Ingredient Trends

Challenge: Introducing clean label formulations to bakery
Chemical removal: Clean label ingredients enhance “naturalness”
Example: Gradual shift from synthetic to natural bakery emulsifiers
New cereal varieties and products enhance function and health
Adding value: Enhanced functional fortification options for bakery
Summary: Bakery ingredients with strong future growth prospects
Current status and potential possibilities in future applications
Key functional ingredients: Potential in health and wellness bakery

Final Conclusions

Adding value to offset retail market maturity in global bakery
Retail value prospects in leading bakery markets
Letting consumers have their cake and eat it too

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