Why City Insights Matter for Business Strategy

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Feb 2019

From inciting innovation to adapting to social change, cities play an important role in today’s societies. Keeping businesses, governments and other organisations informed about city-level changes, such as knowing where incomes are growing rapidly, or which markets are ageing, is crucial to their future financial success. Passport Cities provides answers to a range of business questions, ensuring users can benchmark and identify cities, explain key consumer changes, and examine urban profiles.

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Why City Insights Matter for Business Strategy

Key Findings

City market sizes

Passport Cities provides tools to better understand target markets. From understanding a city’s market size to getting a glimpse of household consumer spending patterns, Passport Cities helps create a sophisticated business intelligence strategy to meet users’ needs.

Consumer expenditure patterns

Passport Cities helps differentiate between consumer expenditure patterns in cities and their respective countries. It helps businesses customise and tailor an entry strategy in line with the consumer spending patterns seen in target cities.


Passport Cities can be utilised for a variety of purposes, including analysing the economic, demographic and environmental state of the city. The database provides forecasts up to the year 2030 for a range of indicators, including disposable income, GDP and population, helping to better plan for the future.

Citywide changes

This strategy briefing analyses six long-term changes occurring at city level. Such changes include declining household size, ageing and urban mobility preferences, which are shaping city life in the modern era.

Case studies

A range of case studies has been used to illustrate the adaptations being made to these long-term city changes, by businesses, governments and investors when developing business strategy and government policy. For example, mid-sized cities in emerging markets such as China and India are evolving to become the new locations for retail growth, as primary markets become saturated with competition and laden with high retail space costs.

Megacities and innovation

Populations are surging in cities, and their impending growth has escalated the need for more innovative methods of resource allocation. High-tech businesses have ushered in a wave of “Smart Solutions” to ensure the future urban efficiency of new and upcoming megacities. 


Key findings
Key city comparisons
Why passport cities is important

Passport Cities Answers Critical Business Questions

Passport Cities helps benchmark and identify key cities
Which cities are showing the most rapid rise in population?
Passport cities helps analyse consumer profiling
How large is the market for growing luxury retail brands?
Passport Cities helps examine urban city profiles
Which cities need urban planning changes to curb air pollution?

Adapting to Citywide Changes: Case Studies

Cities: six key long-term themes shaping our cities
Urbanisation: 60% of the globe’s population to be urban by 2030
Shoprite expands in Nairobi to fill food consumption demand
Megacities: Asia Pacific dominates megacity scene
LA’s smart lighting reduces energy use and cuts CO2 emissions
Ageing: a trend seen in the majority of the world’s cities
“Golf cart villages ” in the US to cater to elderly needs
Household size: growing number of urban singletons
Pocket Living micro-apartments cater to small households
Emerging cities: new markets for expansion
India’s mid-sized cities show a growing appetite for Western fashion
Urban mobility: eco-friendly travel is the way forward in cities
Mobility as a Service ( MaaS ): a new and evolving mobility option


How Passport Cities can be used in the business process
Top 10 Passport Cities datasets