Wine in Eastern Europe

January 2020

Eastern Europe is witnessing moderate recovery of wine after historic decline. Georgia, Ukraine, Poland and Romania are amongst the countries expected to contribute significantly to the forcasted growth of the category, although partially being offset by Baltic States, which are facing a more and more overwhelming tax pressure. Sparkling wine remains a revitalizer of the wine category in 2018, while consumers start opening their arms and pockets for non-grape wine options.

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Key Findings

Grape vs non-grape wine

Although it performed well over the review period, non-grape wine is losing popularity, mainly in the biggest countries in the region: Russia and Ukraine. Still light grape wine remains the biggest category in the region and the one with the highest growth performance, due to economic recovery of the biggest volume generators. Non-grape wine, however, is expected to see some movement in countries such as Bulgaria and Poland, as a driver of the wine category.

Fragmentation leaves room for innovation

Although a very fragmented market seems challenging from the perspective of industry players, it can hide opportunities for innovation. Having a wide range of products available on shelves makes consumers of wine less loyal to a certain brand and more willing to explore. Therefore, new locally-manufactured product launches that tell a story, are likely to win consumers to their side.

Tax pressure limits sales

As increasing excise taxes continue to put pressure on still light grape wine prices especially in Baltic countries, part of consumers are shifting towards more affordable categories, such as non-grape wine. On the other hand, countries such as Romania, with no excise tax in place for wine, remain an opportunity yet to be exploited by industry players.

Soft drivers becoming relevant over forecast period

A stable economic climate in the region fosters the willingness of consumers to indulge. Having the economic means to afford better quality products, this is predicted to be seen in the purchase of more expensive varieties of wine. Moreover, increasing variety of products taken together with targeted promotional activities raise consumers’ awareness. Female-targeted advertising, for example, is expected to continue boosting sales of rosé and sparkling wines.

Key findings
Eastern Europe occupies fourth position in wine globally
Wine volumes: past and future performance
Still light grape wine: the most popular choice
Sparkling wine shows strong historic growth
Still light grape dampens the fall
Many shades of premiumisation in wine
Traditional retailing not giving up so easily
Dynamics of off-trade channels
Shift between “1-5 Ranked Companies” and “Others”
Jidvei SRL reaches podium despite fragmentation
Domestic products remain top consumer choice
Significant movement in brand rankings
Positive development expected in the region
Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Georgia expected to boost region’s volumes
Product price expected to hold back volume development
Soft drivers will make a big difference
Russia: market context
Russia: competitive and retail landscape
Poland: market context
Poland: competitive and retail landscape
Ukraine: market context
Ukraine: competitive and retail landscape
Hungary: market context
Hungary: competitive and retail landscape
Romania: market context
Romania: competitive and retail landscape
Czech Republic: market context
Czech Republic: competitive and retail landscape
Bulgaria: market context
Bulgaria: competitive and retail landscape
Georgia: market context
Serbia: market context
Slovakia: market context
Slovakia: competitive and retail landscape
Croatia: market context
Bosnia-Herzegovina: market context
Slovenia: market context
Macedonia: market context
Latvia: market context
Lithuania: market context
Estonia: market context
Belarus: market context

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