Wine: Resilient, Advancing and Evolving

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Apr 2014

The global wine industry remains resilient to macroeconomic volatility, focused on its historic Western European bastion and driven by a rising wave of red still light grape varietals pouring into China. Facing extensive fragmentation constraints and lacking the clout of truly global brands, the category is going through a transformative period as post-boomer drinking habits bring radical innovation to the fore.

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Wine: Resilient, Advancing and Evolving

Resilient, solid and advancing

Having avoided severe declines even in the depths of the Great Recession- although also inevitably impacted - global wine retains and witnesses further momentum in its upward trajectory.

Still light grape, Western Europe and red varietals

Still light grape wine, the segment’s Western European bastion and the weight of growing red varietals are still dominating developments. The shift in balance towards Asia Pacific continues unabated.

The politics of wine

Beyond maturity levels and per capita consumption gaps, political volatility, legislative issues and changes, demographics and a number of macroeconomic factors should also be taken into account when analysing wine and its future.

The fragmentation conundrum

With no brand remotely securing global clout and equity, the theoretical opportunity to create it on the back of a generic, affordable and non-provenance- orientated offering is present. However, establishing a globally convincing narrative and universal equity will remain a challenge.

Packaging alternatives and post-boomer drinking patterns

The rise of packaging formats such as cans or bag in box, the consistent growth of metal screw closures at the expense of cork and the millennial demographic finally coming of age and embracing alternative concepts are paving the way for a more casual and democratised category.

Red’s diversity, rosé’s approachability and white’s untapped potential

While red varietals enjoy a widening range of offerings and the gravitational pull of Chinese consumption, rosé boasts affordability and unpretentiousness and white can provide avenues for growth in otherwise mature markets.

Controversial innovation initiatives and glimpses of the future

Flavour sophistication on the one hand and low manipulation - a more moderated and realistic version of the natural movement - new gadgets, the social media revolution and low ABV varietals will spearhead innovation in the short to medium term.

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Key findings

Wine: The Big Picture

Global wine continues its ascent
Under still light grape wine’s shadow
Western European dominance versus Asia Pacific's rise
Politics, economics and wine
Unemployed and getting old, or young and aspirational?

Still Light Grape Wine: Anything But Still

Red, red wine
On- and off-trade growth converging
Fragmentation-induced opportunities
Significant “others” and the limitations of private label
Glass bottles and rising alternatives
Metal closures threatening cork
Hypermarkets and internet retailing march forward

Key Learnings from Key Markets

China: Cultural symbolism and the dangers of austerity
Premiumisation in China halted
US: Moscato madness
US: Post-austerity fatigue
UK: Rosé as an antidote to maturity
UK: Identifying rosé’s sweet spot

The Future is Red and Asian

The future: A sea of red
China’s gravitational pull
Beyond the usual suspects; frontier markets

Glimpses of the Future

Low ABV gaining traction
Flavoured wine?
Apps and social media reshape industry
Expanding drinking occasions and boosting cork’s influence
Mind the generational gap

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