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Working at Euromonitor: Consulting

Develop strategic market research solutions helping clients identify business opportunities and understand obstacles

Neli Atanasova

Associate Consultant

How did you get into market research?

After graduating with my master’s degree, I looked for a role that had both analytical and commercial characteristics. Having worked on various academic projects, I found that research was something I was good at and also very much enjoyed, due to its problem-solving aspect and the huge learning curve.

The Associate Consultant role not only allows me to manage research projects in various industries and markets but also work closely with clients to provide them with actionable, strategic recommendations.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy the dynamics and variety it offers – it’s about being able to critically assess different perspectives and see how they all ultimately fit into the solution, whether it is building client relationships, managing analysts or communicating your recommendations.

Also, the collaborative approach to problem-solving is really helpful when tackling challenges and further builds your expertise.

What is a typical day like in consulting?

There is no typical day on the Consulting team, and no two projects are the same. In a day, you could analyse a query in the morning for one project, present deliverables to a client in the afternoon for another project and build templates and methodology for a third.

Although time management is crucial, flexibility and adaptability are equally important in handling challenges as they come. You also work with many different people from other offices, so a good knowledge of time zones always comes handy!