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Working at Euromonitor: Research

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Head of Retailing

How did you get into research?

I was drawn to market research by my love of learning, my natural curiosity and my passion for other cultures.  I’m constantly learning new things as consumers and industries are constantly changing.  I’m always looking for the "why" behind those changes. Being in international market research is a dream come true because I get to learn about different cultures. And, of course, I get to do some international travel!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love reading all of the global news about my industry and talking to people within the retail industry to share our opinions on where the industry is headed.  I’m also a Twitter addict, so I enjoy reading my feed and engaging with people in the industry there (follow me: @EMI_MichelleG). It is a great pleasure to take all of the information I have to form sound opinions on how the world will shop, so our clients can prepare appropriately.

What is a typical day like for you in research?

I usually start my day responding to e-mails that I’ve received from our offices around the world, followed by reading the latest global industry news. I work with my team of analysts on their industry reports, helping them produce engaging content for our clients.  I talk to people within the industry about a range of subjects.  I also field a lot of press inquiries and prepare for conferences that I’m either speaking at or attending.