World Market for Consumer Health Products

October 2019

The global market for consumer health products is set to finish 2019 with one of the weakest years in recent memory. Medium-term lack of innovations in the OTC space has collided with slowing demand for vitamins and dietary supplements stemming from the Chinese government’s crackdown on direct sellers at the beginning of 2019. As a result, the industry as a whole needs new product developments and new consumer engagement strategies to recapture energy in the near term.

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Key Findings

Natural products: A lifestyle change?

Another year where herbal/traditional products paced the industry in many markets raises the question about whether we are witnessing an inexorable lifestyle change that will only deepen over time, as consumers’ commitment to sustainability and ethics will pervade across purchasing decisions.

Digital health applications ready for prime time?

The movement to digitise and track personal health has reached fever pitch through a variety of disconnected innovations. It remains to be seen how this trend can be commercialised by consumer health companies, but it is clear that the industry needs to build strategies to reflect this movement.

Reorientation around benefits

After years of growth, vitamins and dietary supplements are facing the need to regenerate consumer interest by going back to basics. Rather than focus on increasingly obscure ingredients, category upstarts are positioning around core consumer benefits, such as sleep, energy and beauty.

Blurring category lines

The distinction between consumer health and snacking or beauty has become increasingly malleable, particularly affecting the competitive space for prevention categories such as sports nutrition. In the case of snack bars, Euromonitor has merged categories to reflect blurring in this area.

Direct selling enforcement risks category growth

China’s enforcement on direct sellers in the first half of 2019 slowed Chinese sales of vitamins and dietary supplements and weight management products. Though this particular action was unique to 2019, it suggests a risk of further regulatory scrutiny for direct sellers moving forward.


Key trends shaping consumer health
Four areas of opportunity in consumer health

Global Outlook

Consumer health in global context
Immediate and long-term factors combine to slow growth in 2019
Flat OTCs leave the prevention categories to carry the weight
VDS and sports nutrition rising in most countries
Another year of static OTC growth; where to go from here?
Despite China’s sales blip, Asia still dominates global consumer health
Increasingly consumer health reflects the parity of OTCs and VDS
China growth will rebound in forecast while US continues to scuffle
Slowing forecast OTC personified by expected US weakness
China, greater Asia pace global growth for VDS products
Sports nutrition’s global footprint is expanding, but US still dominates
US/China 2019 growth cancels out; what is the likeliest future scenario?
Top 10 markets see China, prevention in ascendance
Internet retailing outpaces store-based retailing across the board

Leading Companies and Brands

Despite the GSK-Pfizer JV, upstart companies take greater global share
Fastest companies cluster in emerging economies, prevention categories
Market fragmentation: OTC products
Market fragmentation: vitamins and dietary supplements
Market fragmentation: sports nutrition
Market fragmentation: weight management and wellbeing

Key Trends Shaping Consumer Health

Euromonitor’s Industry Insights Survey nods to near-term transformation
Blurring categories reflect the influence of wellness in consumer health
Rise of snacking, blurring categories change Euromonitor’s taxonomy
Reorientation around benefits sustaining strong growth in VDS
Digital health: how to commercialise in consumer health?

Market Snapshots

Global snapshot of OTC drugs
Global snapshot of vitamins and dietary supplements
Global snapshot of sports nutrition
Global snapshot of weight management and wellbeing
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: North America
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Western Europe
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: Australasia

Consumer Health

It is the aggregation of OTC, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements (VDS), Sports Nutrition, and Weight Management and Wellbeing



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