World Market for Health and Wellness Packaged Food

March 2022

Consumers concerned about their physical and mental wellbeing are seeking preventative health solutions in food. This is driving sales of health and wellness packaged food, which reached USD497 billion in 2021. Free from has seen the strongest growth, driven by the plant-based trend and innovation. Consumers are looking for food as a source of immunity support, gut health and mood management. Companies are reformulating their products towards a healthier portfolio to meet increasing demand.

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Key Findings

Fortified/functional food brands focus on immunity, gut health and mood-boosting products

Consumer interest in fortified products and foods with functional claims is increasing, as many people are looking to supplement their diets with immune-boosting nutrients to improve gut health. At the same time, consumers are increasingly attracted by fortified/functional products positioned to help relax, aid sleep and improve the mood in order to cope with ongoing uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

Plant-based products flourish, accelerated by the pandemic

Interest in plant-based products has increased further during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a result of food safety concerns. Health and sustainability reasons are expected to further drive plant-based sales in the future. The industry has been successful in improving the taste and texture of plant-based products. Nevertheless, such products’ nutritional properties in comparison to their meat and dairy counterparts might increasingly be scrutinised in the future by consumers.

Organic food benefits from increasing environmental concerns

Consumers are seeking out organic foods for environmental reasons, as well as health concerns, as organic food contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and has no pesticide and antibiotic exposure. The availability of organic food is increasingly significantly, as many companies roll out organic versions of traditional offerings to gain extra margins, as organic products are still perceived as premium. Higher prices continue to be a barrier that hampers growth in some countries and regions.

Reduced sugar and salt products benefit from government strategies to fight obesity

High obesity rates among both adults and children are prompting governments around the world to take action. Sugar taxes are gaining ground, and front-of-pack labels are being introduced in order to help consumers make healthier food choices.

Digitalisation boosts e-commerce and health tracking

E-commerce accelerated during the pandemic and resulted in long-term changes in consumers’ behaviour. Online purchasing, subscription models and digital applications are thriving, and are helping to spread awareness about healthy products.

Examining five trends shaping HW PK
Market stabilises after the boost during the COVID-19 pandemic
HW is a future driver of the PK market
Asia Pacific was the key contributor to HW PK growth in 2021
Growth in organic and free from PK is shaping the HW PK market
Asia Pacific is the global market leader due to fortified/functional PK development
Per capita spend for the HW food is the highest in Nordic countries
US and China lead HW PK sales, but emerging markets will boost sales in the future
Fortified/functional leads, while organic and free from are growing rapidly
Energy boosting and free from are expected to thrive in future
Traditional retailers are being replaced by modern ones
HW PK sales benefit from the accelerated growth of e-commerce
Highly fragmented global HW PK market is seeing slow consolidation in the Asia Pacific
Feihe International Inc grows rapidly in China and increases global market share
Dairy and baby food players continue to lead the HW Market
The leading producers of HW PK invest in Fortified/Functional food
HW baby food players selling in China are among the most successful companies
Examining five trends shaping HW PK
Fortified/functional food is driven by immune support
Protein snacks set to accelerate due to fitness and healthy “snackification” trends
Digestive health a rising interest in fortified Dairy products
Free from flourishes on the back of the growing popularity of plant-based diets
Meat alternatives fast-tracked by product innovation and consumer experimentation
Dairy alternatives expands into new categories
Health and environmental concerns accelerate growth of organic food
Organic in baby food focuses on caring parents
Expansion of private label makes organic PK more affordable
New regulations set to drive sales of reduced salt and sugar products
Weight concerns reinforce the growth of products with reduced sugar
Leading food players and retailers are innovating reduced salt products
Role of digitalisation increases and boosts e-commerce
Subscription services contribute to the growth of the HW PK market
Digital applications will shape consumer shopping behaviour
Challenges for market players in HW PK
Areas of opportunity

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness encompasses a number of key claims made on a food or drink products that suggest a health and/or wellness positioning. It comprises positionings relating to better for you, dietary and free from, fortified/functional, health benefit, natural and organic. Please note that data is not available at this level or other aggregated claim levels.

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