World Market for Mobility

May 2021

COVID-19 led to global automotive sales plummeting by 16% in 2020, as lockdowns curtailed business and consumer activity. Passenger vehicle sales will, however, recover and grow by 28% over 2020-2025. Shared mobility was also squeezed, with gross bookings dropping by 30%. Ride hailing and ridesharing were most affected, while micro-mobility better weathered the drop, as more people turned to solo mobility. Over 2020-2025, shared mobility gross bookings will double in constant value terms.

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Key Findings

Micro-mobility surge

Micro-mobility has seen a resurgence in interest, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing measures have made public transport less appealing, while a sustainable, safe and effective solution to travel with scooters, e-bikes and pedal bicycles has emerged.

This will be further pushed ahead by growing urban localisation, as evidenced by an increasing number of cities aiming to incorporate the 15-minute model, which seeks to ensure all essential services are within a 15 minute walk or bicycle ride of a person’s home.

Electric cars

Stricter fuel emission standards are pushing automotive companies to transition from internal combustion engine to electric car production. Between 2020-2025, electric car registrations across 46 major markets are forecast to rise fourfold, to 23.5 million.

This will open up opportunities in electric cars both for incumbents and new market entrants. Numerous opportunities will also emerge for electric car battery production and recycling, and rapid electric charging stations.

Digitalisation and connectivity

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the automotive industry’s market potential in e-commerce. Several automotive retailers have already developed platforms offering a complete online experience, allowing customers to purchase a car without the need to go to a dealership in person.

Consumers are also demanding greater connectivity in their vehicles. This will push ahead the market for connected cars with infotainment services, advanced driver assistance and telematics data.

Key findings
Areas of opportunity
Global light vehicles market falls in 2020 amid COVID-19 pandemic
Global country overview of passenger cars
SUVs remain the most popular automotive category globally
Global country overview of commercial vehicles
Passenger car market is larger than light commercial vehicles
Latin America to rebound fastest but Asia to add 9.1 million in unit sales
Top 10 markets: Emerging markets have significant potential
BEVs to account for two thirds of all new electric car registrations in 2025
More fast charging stations needed to develop electric car market
Microchip shortage will delay automotive production and affect supply
Shared mobility dips amid the pandemic but a recovery is expected
Ride hailing dominates shared market but micro-mobility to surge
Shared mobility’s rapid growth hit by a sharp decline in bookings in 2020
Global country overview of shared mobility
Scooter sharing has the best prospects for growth
Ride hailing to be the largest growth category over 2020-2025
Developed markets show greater promise in shared mobility
Market fragmentation surging in North America and Western Europe
Top 10 companies: Toyota almost level with Volkswagen’s markets share
Growth companies: Chinese automakers record double-digit growth
COVID-19 pandemic saw some major firms see over 20% fall in sales
Tesla records growth despite COVID-19 pandemic
Shared mobility highly consolidated, but fragmentation increasing
Top 10 companies: Major firms see slump as others catch up
Car sharing firms see strong growth over the review period
Megatrends driving the mobility market
Examining five trends shaping the mobility and automotive industry
Connected car technologies to surge amid growing internet access
Autonomous vehicles: Partial autonomy of cars growing in popularity
Shared mobility: Gross bookings to double over 2020-2025
Electric cars to surge despite still making a small portion of all vehicles
Digital sales to surge as consumers more comfortable to buy cars online
Global snapshot of mini cars
Global snapshot of s mall cars
Global snapshot of m edium cars
Global snapshot of l arge cars
Global snapshot of e xecutive cars
Global snapshot of l uxury cars
Global snapshot of s ports cars
Global snapshot of SUVs and crossovers
Global snapshot of m ultipurpose cars
Regional automotive snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional automotive snapshot: North America
Regional automotive snapshot: Western Europe
Regional automotive snapshot: Latin America
Regional automotive snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional automotive snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional automotive snapshot: Australasia
Global snapshot of b icycle sharing
Global snapshot of c ar-sharing
Global snapshot of r ide hailing
Global snapshot of r ide sharing
Global snapshot of s cooter sharing
Regional shared mobility snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional shared mobility snapshot: Australasia
Regional shared mobility snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional shared mobility snapshot: Latin America
Regional shared mobility snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional shared mobility snapshot: North America
Regional shared mobility snapshot: Western Europe


All vehicles captured by Euromonitor's vehicle volume sales data, i.e. light vehicles -passenger cars and light commercial vehicles combined. Medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses are not covered.

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