World Market For Tissue

May 2021

Despite economic challenges, the global consumer tissue market continues to grow in both developed and developing markets. The pace of growth will, however, decelerate in developed regions post-COVID-19, highlighting the need for meaningful innovation, and will shift organic growth back to developing regions. Amid consumer price sensitivity and private label gains, the industry is seeing innovation on a number of fronts, including manufacturers adopting an ethical and sustainable positioning.

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Key Findings

Affordability in focus; premium re-evaluated

With developing markets still behind in income levels, and developed regions feeling the economic impact of COVID-19, affordability is high on the agenda in tissue products, with value for money often taking priority over a premium positioning.

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) insurgents drive purpose-led innovation and engagement

As more consumers embrace e-commerce, rising D2C brands’ multi-faceted approach to building a purpose-led identity that embodies not only unique product features, but also authenticity, sustainability and wellness, will become more entrenched in future branding.

Strong health focus catalyses adoption and communication of wellness- and hygiene-strengthening attributes

Consumers’ growing health concerns and hygiene awareness have prompted tissue players to dial up manufacturing transparency, as well as multifunctional cleaning and skin care properties in ingredient formulations and brand communications.

Private label gains share of sales

Private label is a significant player in developed markets and has gained traction in some growth markets. Increased availability across retail networks, particularly discounters, and consumers’ growing price sensitivity have favoured this segment worldwide.

Sustainability remains an untapped opportunity for the tissue industry

Sustainability stayed relevant even during the pandemic, and continues to drive new product development and positioning. With it still being an untapped area, or limited in some areas of the global industry, the opportunities range from alternative fibres to overhauls in supply chain and environmental certification.


Examining five trends shaping consumer tissue

State of the Industry

COVID-19 spurred higher growth for retail tissue in 2020
Asia Pacific leads in value sales and shows healthy at-home demand
Manufacturers shift focus from institutional to retail in Latin America
Sales growth to slow post-pandemic in developed markets
Forecast growth will primarily be driven by developing markets
China dwarfs developing peers with lion’s share of toilet paper growth
Evolving infrastructure can further lift consumption in developing world…
…But may obviate toilet paper need in developed economies
Pandemic drives e-commerce growth
E-commerce surge takes on varied shapes across countries
Personalisation and mobile commerce receive a further impetus
Social media fuels the next phase of e-commerce growth
Digital, frictionless store experience upholds bricks-and-mortar primacy

Leading Companies and Brands

Key players remain top of chart as competition mounts
Top players ride pandemic tailwind while fending off competition
Value-orientated spending approach supports private label momentum
Local players thrive on value-added innovation and channel investment

Top Five Trends Shaping the Industry

Examining five trends shaping consumer tissue
Young activists bring purpose-led branding into sharper focus
Insurgents drive multi-facet purposeful innovation and engagement
The Cheeky Panda exemplifies the coupling of sustainability and agility
Along with expectations of efficacy, ethical remains influential
Hygiene awareness brings preventative health features to the fore
Manufacturers go certifiably clean and elevate production transparency
Built-in multifunctionality achieves more with less

Market Snapshots

Regional snapshot of Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot of Australasia
Regional snapshot of Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot of Latin America
Regional snapshot of Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot of North America
Regional snapshot of Western Europe


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