Young People on Food and Drink

Global Survey Report

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Oct 2012

Young people are eating takeaway meals, but trying to lose weight; choosing healthy foods – often organic – but remaining price conscious. This report explores these attitudes and behaviours and more pertaining to food and non-alcoholic drink; analysis draws on results from the Global Youth survey of 4,700 16-24 year olds in 15 countries.

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Young People on Food and Drink

This executive summary is a companion to some of the results found in the “Home and Leisure” Passport Survey. The summary has four main parts:

  • Automobile Ownership and Access
  • Frequency and Reasons for Auto Travel
  • In-car Activities
  • Business Implications and Recommendations 

More detail on specific automobile-related topics can be found in other content published on Passport Survey. Results are based on responses to Euromonitor International’s Out and About survey, fielded in 2012, which includes 6,200 online consumers in 15 countries.

Young People on Food and Drink



They used to be undecided but now they’re not so sure...


Basic eating habits
Who eats breakfast anymore
Table 1 Meal Preparation Across Global Youth 2011
Youth attitudes towards dieting and eating choices
A thin person in a fat body
Chart 1 Respondents Currently on a Diet or Trying to Lose Weight 2011
Health-conscious but still love their meat
Chart 2 Respondents Split Across Daily Eating Choices 2011
Dieting for women, sensitive stomachs for men
Chart 3 Male and Female Food Allergies, Diets and Choices 2011
Shopping preferences
Shopping on-line is still a novelty – even among the on-line generation
The power of branding remains strong for food products
Chart 4 Respondent Preferences for Well Known Brands 2011
Healthy food habits
Frozen and fresh preferences vary widely by region
Chart 5 Respondent Food Buying Habits for Frozen and Fresh Foods 2011
Young women shop more often and check the price more frequently than men
Chart 6 Respondent Efforts to Buy Organic or Healthy Foods 2011
Chart 7 Young Men’s Food Buying Behaviours 2011


Non-alcoholic drinking habits and preferences
Do not drink the water
Chart 8 No Consumption of Tap Water 2011
Sports drinks are consumed by two in three young people, but only once every 10 days
Chart 9 Weekly Consumption of Selected Beverages by Type 2011


Focus and design
Fielding and data cleaning