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Monitoring Consumer Satisfaction Through Online Ratings and Reviews

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Read the report: E-commerce Ratings and Reviews Analysis in Anti-Agers, October 2020 -March 2021

Companies and retailers are competing in an increasingly dynamic e-commerce market, and so the need to understand consumer engagement and satisfaction through online ratings and reviews has never been greater.

In this report looking at product ratings and reviews, we highlight the key questions companies should be asking, across different business functions, in order to plan and execute their brand and company strategy online in a more effective manner.

Online commerce is continuing to grow, due to the ongoing regulations and precautions consumers are facing as a result of COVID-19, and also because of fundamental shifts to consumer behaviour over the past year.

Monitoring consumer products’ online ratings and reviews is becoming more and more important, and in order to determine effective e-commerce strategies and tactics, it is necessary to first understand and benchmark what the key ratings and reviews metrics are within an industry and country.

Looking at anti-ageing products in the US market and using Euromonitor International’s global e-commerce product and price monitoring platform, Via, extracting millions of data points every day for standardised cross-comparison, it is quickly apparent which market suppliers, brands, as well as health attributes, are seeing high rates of reviews and how consumers rate those products.

We examined 549,895 daily data observations (SKUs) for the US e-commerce market between 1 October 2020 and 31 March 2021 for the beauty and personal care anti-agers market and revealed the following insights:

• The largest increases in reviews for the category in the six month time period occurred during December and January.

• Of the leading beauty and personal care suppliers, Procter & Gamble had the highest SKU review incidence rate as well as weighted rating for the online sample

• The brands Neutrogena from Johnson & Johnson and TruSkin from TruSkin had the largest increase in share of reviews for the leading brands from October to March.

• SKUs with health attributes claiming antioxidants, hydrating properties and skin health had the largest number of reviews. SKUs with pre-biotic, enriched with calcium and ayurvedic health claims had the highest ratings during the time period.

To learn more about the trends we’re seeing in ratings and reviews within the beauty and personal care e-commerce space and what this might mean for your business, please read the latest report. For more information on other industries, countries, retailers and suppliers covered in Via as well as ratings and review analysis questions, please visit our website to learn more about Via or request a demonstration.

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