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Smart Living 2.0: Top 3 Takeaways from CES 2019

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Electronics devices and consumer appliances equipped with Artificial intelligence (AI) led the reality of smart living after CES 2018. As a main platform, the importance of smart home keeps increasing and the function of voice recognition system and AI account for one of core value in smart home thus consumer’s preference could be collected by these technologies for providing customized service. After CES2019, mutual interaction between smart devices enhanced by 5G technology, it can help consumers to have various experience and smart life. Large scale, high definition and connectivity with many devices are expected to expand the TV function as a pillar for leading smart living.

Smart Home – More types of recognition systems are coming!

The controlling system for smart devices developed from smart phone to voice recognition in CES 2018, new physical recognition system includes more consumers and increases benefits to them in CES 2019.  Google has established solid partnership with car manufacturers, appliances manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and diverse manufacturers with google assistant, their technologies made strong connection between products and consumer’s life. Understanding the context of consumer’s life through voice controlling system has been developed, how smart home shaping the reality of consumer’s life by smart devices proved one of core news in CES 2019. The representative place in home such as kitchen, living room, bed room and bathroom, smart devices will learn the consumers’ living style pattern through Voice controlling system and AI, it will show advanced technology for offering customized and detailed service to satisfy personalized needs.

Entering into 5G era

The introduction of 5G technology means that massive data maintains a constant pace between devices and various devices enhancing the connectivity. To build up 5G technology infrastructure and business models, manufacturers and telecommunication companies would make stronger cooperation, consumers may use smart device more conveniently. Smart device, which connects smart living and smart home, work consistently without no break data connection by 5G, it will progress the quality of consumer’s life. For instance, uprising of E-sports and VR device and related with other devices, fastest data connection will provide new experience to consumers and increase their satisfaction.

TV Innovation - Sound is the next stop

TV technology focused on size and definition in CES 2018, this reappeared as innovation factors in CES 2019. The voice recognizing function is considering the core value of smart device to establish smart home system, the role of TV sound bar would be next essential system for driving TV technology. More than 90 inches TV screen and various technology elevating the high definition of TV displayed on CES 2019 also the importance of sound bar was placed in the center as the high definition TV is getting thinner.  Expanding the traditional TV function, it will be not only empowering the connectivity with smart phone and tablet as smart devices but also presenting the working performance of all smart home devices on the TV as hub devices.

The technology development, for example AI and voice recognition, leads consumers’ life to be smart thus it will increase their satisfaction based on their various interests, preference and needs for efficient time consumption. CES 2018 showed direct controlling the devices by consumer needs as Smart living 1.0 then CES 2019 introduced smart devices which recognize consumers’ request in advance, it is working by itself. Thus it is expected to see smart living 2.0 that is quite closed to our near future.

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