Dmitrij Gerok

Dmitrij Gerok Senior Analyst


English, Lithuanian, Russian

About Dmitrij

Dmitrij creates drinks and tobacco related content, and assists research through the use of programming tools for market research in Eastern Europe (for example, web scraping and data engineering). He conducts automatic data quality control for the drinks and tobacco industries in Eastern Europe and for alcoholic drinks globally. He is also a member of the alcoholic drinks central project team.



Dmitrij advices clients across alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, hot drinks, tobacco and cannabis in Eastern Europe. He has a particular interest in applying data science and technology in market research. He has additional experience and interest in Euromonitor's VIA system. During his time at Euromonitor, Dmitrij has also researched retailing, food and nutrition and consumer foodservice. He also assisted in creating the company's eSports dashboard.

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