Marguerite LeRolland

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Marguerite LeRolland Industry Manager, Apparel and Footwear


French, English

I value fashion and sustainability, overseeing apparel and footwear research across 40+ markets and creating content that answers our clients’ needs across the corporate, government and academic spaces, to establish both immediate and long term strategies.

About Marguerite

As Industry Manager based in Euromonitor's London office, Marguerite oversees all research on apparel and footwear. She is responsible for strategic analysis covering corporate strategies, market and consumer trends, competitive intelligence, retail performance and opportunity analysis across the global fashion industry, with a particular interest in Western Europe.



Marguerite has specialised in the apparel and footwear industry and adjacent areas of designer wear and personal accessories since 2011. Her comments and analysis are regularly quoted in the press, including Business of Fashion, Le Monde, Bloomberg, Vogue Business, The Guardian, Telegraph and WWD. Prior to Euromonitor International, Marguerite worked for five years in Strategic Intelligence and Research firm Evalueserve, in India (2006-2007) and Chile (2008-2010).

Recently Published Work


What Inflation Pressures Mean for Fashion Supply Chains Today

Marguerite LeRolland

Marguerite LeRolland

25 Sep 23

As the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have placed intense stress on global supply chains, purely efficiency-based models have shown their limits in the fashion industry. Since then, luxury and fashion players have pivoted their business models to build their resilience for tomorrow, and beat the impact of inflation, while they also need to anticipate regulatory shifts in terms of sustainability to plan for the future.


Why Integrating Sustainability in Fashion Retail is Becoming a Must

Marguerite LeRolland

Marguerite LeRolland

6 Sep 23

As the pressure grows from both consumers and regulators to make the fashion industry more circular, retailers and brands need to adapt their distribution and retail strategies by encouraging repairing, promoting recycling and facilitating resale and rental.


MICAMx 2023

Marguerite LeRolland

Marguerite LeRolland

Strada Statale del Sempione, 28 – 20017 Rho (Milano) 18 Sep 23 | CET: 02:45 PM

MICAM Milano, the world’s leading footwear fair promoted by Assocalzaturifici, is one of a kind: a benchmark event for dealers from all over the world.