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Shane MacGuill

Shane MacGuill Global Lead - Nicotine and Cannabis

Tobacco | ​ Nicotine |​ Cannabis | ​ Regulation | ​ Stimulants


About Shane

Shane's key responsibilities as Global Lead include assessing and interpreting Euromonitor nicotine and cannabis data and industry trends to provide insightful guidance to clients, liaising with  research teams to produce data and analysis of the highest possible quality and developing the company's research in areas of emerging, cross-industry resonance such as need states. 

Shane conducts research and provides strategic analysis on all aspects of the global nicotine and cannabis industries, working with a range of industry stakeholders including brand owners, public health organisations and companies in the supply chain, to plot the evolution of these complex spaces. 

Shane has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Trinity College, Dublin and subsequently engaged in legal training with the Law Society of Ireland. He is a frequent contributor to the mainstream and business media on tobacco-related topics, including CNBC, Reuters, France 24, BBC, the Economist, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and The Times of London.