Stella Vatcheva

Stella Vatcheva Head of Innovation

Innovation During Disruption |​ Strategic Growth and White Space Identification​ | Megatrends and Foresight Analysis


About Stella

Stella works closely with strategy and growth focused clients across the innovation stage-gate process. Our collaboration extends from identifying key pillars for future innovation, assessing market potential, making the business case for new product development, evaluating alternative business models and tailoring a go-to-market strategy for product launch.

Stella’s experience spans across 100+ custom projects for multinationals and dynamic start-ups alike. The breadth of her cross-industry knowledge and broad geographic experience enable her to identify early signals of industry threats, understand the strategic thinking across the organisational chart, and partner with clients to proactively address these. 

Stella holds a diploma in Innovation in the Age of Disruption from INSEAD, and an MBA from Cranfield University.