Explore sustainability data and insights at a more granular level than ever before. Understand what sustainability claims matter most to consumers, validate winning opportunities and make substantiated claims that avoid greenwashing.


Drive your growth with sustainability intelligence

Products that make sustainability-related claims achieve better growth across multiple categories when compared with those that don’t, but do you know which are the right sustainable product claims to make in the right markets, at the right time?

Measure the sales and penetration of 70+ sustainability claims using a standardised taxonomy across 25 countries, 11 industries and 50 different categories; unlock global survey insights to help you deliver an impactful sustainability strategy, and craft substantiated claims backed by data.

Our solutions


The Voice of the Industry

Explore specific industry related trends, business campaigns, and attitudes and expectations for sustainability from industry leaders in 5 regions.

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Voice of the Consumer 

Learn more about consumers’ evolving attitudes, expectations and adoption of sustainability across key global markets.

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Product Claims Tracker

Monitor the levels of sustainability adoption across countries and product categories.

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Brand Claims Tracker

Discover where companies and brands lead in terms of a sustainable product portfolio and which ones are falling behind.

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Quarterly SKU Count and Price Tracker 

Measure how strongly a sustainability claim manifests itself and monitor median price changes for each claim with our Quarterly SKU Count and Price Tracker. 

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Sustainability Product Claims Index

Would you like to know the types of sustainable products proving popular in your markets? For example, are 'can be recycled' product claims more popular than 'vegan' - in which categories? Take a look at our Sustainable Product Claims Index for an overview. The index is part of our Sustainability Opportunity Tracker. Learn more. 

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How we help our clients


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Market Landscape 

Euromonitor played a pivotal role in reshaping 
the client’s sustainable innovation strategy by 
facilitating a comprehensive understanding of 
the recycling infrastructure in key markets, while 
also explaining the potential implications and 
opportunities this knowledge presented for their 
future actions.

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Trend Activation

Euromonitor assumed the role of a strategic 
partner for the client’s C-Suite team, delivering an 
expert-led presentation on global sustainability 
trends and the future sustainability landscape. 
This presentation was instrumental in shaping and 
driving their product portfolio strategy. 

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Product Positioning 

Euromonitor recommended the right approach 
to reach pet owners by understanding their 
perceptions about sustainability and the current 
product offering in the market, to identify gaps 
and transform them into growth opportunities. 

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