Jurgen Wiehan

Jurgen Wiehan Director of Engineering

Software Engineering​ | Agile / Scrum​ | Leadership


About Jurgen

Jurgen is Director of Engineering at Euromonitor International, with a focus on technology and engineering in particular. Based in Bangalore, he has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. 

Jurgen leads Euromonitor’s engineering teams globally, ensuring a close working relationship with the company’s other technology functions, in order to deliver quality products to clients.

Coming from a software development background, he has experience working across the entire technology stack, before taking a step back to focus on engineering. Working closely with the rest of the Bangalore Leadership team, he has a keen interest in growing his own knowledge across the company’s Sales and Research departments, while sharing his experiences with the group as they look to strengthen Euromonitor’s presence on a regional basis.

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