Coronavirus (COVID-19) From permanent shifts to temporary change, we identify the themes transforming consumer markets as behaviour, values and priorities shift in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Coronavirus Changing Aspects of City Life

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The Coronavirus has had a large impact on cities, with 90 percent of all cities analysed by Euromonitor recording negative real GDP growth in 2020. Depending on the severity and length of the pandemic, more businesses are likely to go bankrupt, people will have lower incomes and municipal governments will have their budgets cut - leading to more negative impact for cities around the world.

With remote working becoming a new normal, many consumers question the cost-effectiveness of city life, however, cities will continue to play an important role in society once the pandemic is gone. There are aspects of city life that will be altered as a result of COVID-19, including the role of a central business district and the need for sustainability.

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