Coronavirus (COVID-19) From permanent shifts to temporary change, we identify the themes transforming consumer markets as behaviour, values and priorities shift in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic.
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The Impact of Coronavirus on North Africa and the Emerging Middle East

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There are three major trends that Euromonitor International observed in the regions of North Africa and the emerging Middle East during the coronavirus pandemic. The first trend is stockpiling, where consumers hoarded basic staple foods such as pasta and rice as well as essential products. Secondly, we saw consumers trading down to lower priced brands from more premium ones. Finally, consumers switched from going to traditional stores to e-commerce out of necessity. E-commerce has historically been weak in the region, but boomed as consumers were faced with lockdowns. In this podcast, Euromonitor explores specific industries in North Africa and the emerging Middle East that are adapting to life after COVID and gives an outlook for the next five years.

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