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Travel Leaders: Impact and Sustainability with Founder of Just a Drop, Fiona Jeffery

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“We started focusing purely on water, sanitation, hygiene, education, because that's the starting point, but it's the starting point to so much more. It's the starting point to better health, more safety, better education, food security, gender equality, climate action; the impacts are significant right across the board.”

Fiona Jeffery, founder of Just a Drop

Join Caroline and Fiona Jeffery, the founder of Just a Drop, in this episode as they discuss the inspiration behind the charity. Fiona started Just a Drop after working in the travel and tourism industry, where she saw a lack of effort in protecting the environment and giving back to communities. Through her research, she discovered that a child was dying every 17 seconds from dirty water, leading her to create a grassroots charity that supports communities around the world with sustainable water solutions, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education.
Fiona and Caroline explore the connection between sustainable travel and Just a Drop's work. They share specific examples of the charity's programs in Cambodia, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Uganda, where they have provided appropriate low-tech and sustainable solutions to meet the communities' specific needs. Just a Drop aims to make a lasting difference in communities and give people the hope and belief that they can take ownership of their futures.
Since 2016, Euromonitor International has been one of Just a Drop's headline charity partners. Our involvement has helped the charity's programs and projects across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, benefiting over 20,000 people.
Millions of women walk for hours every day, just to collect water. But how far would you go? For World Water Day, Just a Drop are challenging people to scroll through one woman’s 9km walk to the well and back – the longest Twitter thread ever made. Click here to take on the challenge. To read more about The Walk to the Well, visit the website.
Learn more about how Euromonitor can help your business embrace sustainability.
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