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Passport Travel is an essential resource for effective strategic planning, delivering an unrivalled level of research and analysis for travel categories in 99 countries and tourism flows data for 210 markets. Our standardised, in-country research provides the right insights to help you make clear, confident decisions.

Research applications 

  • Align corporate strategy to the growth potential of your target markets and prioritise new market entry opportunities

  • Refine marketing, brand, product  and sales planning with forecasts on tourism flows from our proprietary tourism model

  • Track the competitive company and brand performance across various travel categories, including airlines and hotels

  • Find new distribution channels and product categories to boost ancillary revenues

  • Understand the rise of disruptive consumer trends and new successful business models in travel booking

  • Ensure you reach your consumers through effective channels with insight on mobile and online travel sales performance


  • 15 years of historic market size data and 5-year forecasts

  • Inbound arrivals /outbound source markets using UNWTO data and proprietary model

  • Traveller profiles, travel modes including airlines, lodging, activities and online travel sales and intermediaries as well as mobile sales

  • Airlines, car rental, hotels, intermediaries and online travel agencies company and brand shares data, as well as sales data and company ranking

  • Additional data including booking channels – online and offline, low-cost carriers, city arrivals, leading airports, luxury and upscale hotels, mid-market hotels, budget hotels and leading attractions


  • Dashboards deliver a visual representation of category, company and channel performance to reveal future opportunities and threats 

  • Travel City Briefings evaluate travel performance in key destinations

  • Global reports on the latest market trends, new product activity and emerging growth  sectors examine the market from a global and regional perspective

  • Country reports analyse key trends and developments in 100 national markets for key product categories and channels

  • Company profiles evaluate the market position and financial performance of the leading national and international players

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