VF Corp

Global Company Profile

VF Corp in Personal Accessories

Aug 2016

VF Corp is a leading bags and luggage company which has gradually increased its direct-to-consumer business facilitated through new store openings and its expanding e-commerce business. Currently, it is still heavily reliant on partnership stores…

USD 570
Strategy Briefing

Mapping Out Growth Strategies in Bags and Luggage

Mar 2015

After driving bags and luggage sales over 2009-2012, several luxury conglomerates have seen lower growth rates and have lost market share since. This briefing analyses the factors which will affect bags and luggage sales over 2015-2019. In doing so,…

USD 1,325
Global Company Profile

VF Corp in Apparel

Jan 2014

VF Corp’s unique brand portfolio sees it moving from strength to strength on the global apparel stage. Its decision to focus on its outdoor and action sports division is an astute move given the lucrative nature of the global sportswear market. Its…

USD 570
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