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Digitally Together Even While Apart

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This post is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2019.

Over the last decade, technology has evolved from facilitating communication to enabling multi-dimensional interactions and collective experiences. This evolution will continue to shape how we connect and collaborate with our friends, colleagues and, increasingly, strangers—creating and experiencing things Digitally Together while we are apart.

Together Behaviour

Globally, 45% of people share photos or videos weekly. This active sharing is also being complemented or replaced with passive sharing when we opt-in to have our personal data, such as location and activities, constantly streamed to our friends or family through apps.

Digital bandwidth and home security systems have evolved to allow home monitoring from mobile devices often used by parents to check on children or caretakers. Remote monitoring and control of home devices are growing in popularity, with 53% of people using their mobile phone to monitor their home in 2017.

Mobile applications that link wearable tech to online platforms allow users to effortlessly share their activity and health. Apps such as Stridekick that facilitates fitness tracking with friends allows users to keep track of each other digitally between in-person wellness activities.


Brands Embracing Digitally Together

SuperFan is an app that teaches users English by allowing them to watch videos online and crowdsource English subtitles within the online community. Using popular YouTube videos and movies, a user can either watch and teach by creating subtitles or watch and learn by reading subtitles and interacting with native English speakers.


Douyu is transforming how game enthusiasts in China interact by giving them a platform to not just watch games, but to gather with friends or strangers online to talk or chat throughout a match and root for teams. Millions of users log on to watch matches of popular online games such as Fortnite, and they can interact with other viewers, share strategies and celebrate victories together, creating an online stadium.


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