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Finding My Jomo: Rethinking Self Care

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This post is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2019.

As smartphone possession increases, more consumers are constantly being disrupted by social media and email notifications as well as searching the web. And in developing markets, reliance on the internet may be the origin of higher stress levels. So how are consumers finding more happiness, time and success?

Finding My JOMO, the joy in missing out, is helping consumers be more intentional with their time, carving out more time for themselves and to simplify the way their spare time is spent.

How people are finding their JOMO

Consumers are detaching from their phones to focus on other offline activities in the home as well as on the move. And consumers are moving away from constant multi-tasking, back to ‘one thing at the time’ during their spare time.


This more reflective and individual approach to what is needed to relax and enjoy real life outside of work means consumers are changing their role on social networks. Consumers are no longer pure followers, and no longer feel compelled to be online all the time. Rather they are becoming proactive users of information and communication to achieve specific personal needs, feel free to disconnect and reconnect whenever they feel the need to.


How COOKiamo Responded to Finding my JOMO

COOKiamo offers cooking courses with the aim to get people to enjoy time together, while preparing, cooking and eating the food. In the provincial town of Treviso, COOKiamo connects locals to international foods with renowned chefs while giving attendees the opportunity to interact in real life. Such events are set in locations that are reminiscent of a real home kitchen and a dining room to help participants feel relaxed.

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